Kyle Cox’s “The Plan, The Mess” Review

I’ll admit that Kyle Cox’s music style – which I would say is a mix between alternative, light rock, and folksy (at times)- is not one I usually actively seek. I don’t have anything against this musical combination per se. I just don’t always find songs in this genre that really speak to me – either through their rhythm or lyrics. That being said, I found a lot to like about Kyle Cox’s debut album, The Plan, the Mess.  The two standout reasons: lyrics and instrumentals.

My first impression about the album was that it would make a great soundtrack to some independent film. In my experience, independent films are well-written, thought -provoking, and emotive. Cox’s album matches these characteristics with songs such as “Sometimes You Know,” “I Found Love,” and “Bring Us To Our Best.”

Kyle Cox The Plan The mess

I enjoyed the album’s overall mellow feel. Songs like “Just What I Need” is perfect for wine drinking, while “I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You ” strikes a great balance between mellow & upbeat for studying. My favorite song by far is the duet “Honey Let’s Run Away.” I felt like dancing (one of my favorite activities) while listening to  the song. I attribute my enjoyment to the song’s strong instrumental combination-predominantly the guitar and piano- and natural sounding vocals (Kyle’s and the female). I say “natural sounding vocals” because on many albums – particularly commercial ones like Britney Spears, Beyonce, etc- the singers’ voices sound computer generated. I appreciated the fact that in this song – and throughout the album- Kyle’s vocals sounded real and raw, almost as if I were hearing him live in the club.

There was one song I didn’t entirely enjoy on Kyle’s album: “You Got that Something”.  It felt disjointed at times. The song had great guitar undertone but the instrumentals sometimes overwhelmed the voice.  I had a hard time following the song’s  pattern, which is critical to the listening experience.

I look forward to seeing how Kyle develops his style in subsequent albums. In the next album, I would like to see Kyle include more upbeat songs.  In the meantime, I ‘ll continue to play The Plan, the Mess in my apartment for some great unwinding music.

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