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Let’s face it — nobody watches TV live anymore. With services like Netflix, Hulu, On Demand, Amazon, etc. we just don’t make it a priority to watch TV live. And that’s OK. I too like to stream all five seasons of Breaking Bad in a weekend. That’s totally normal, and that’s what we’re here for. This is a site devoted to late reviews because we also don’t watch TV until later. We will get them on the site soon-ish, but we also have lives.

We also realize that people are discovering past shows, and we are here for you. We review a good mix of current and past programming, but we do it in a way that somehow relates to today. If that makes any sense? It doesn’t I’m sure.

But wait! We don’t JUST write about television. We also write about movies and books and music, but right television is just what we are working on. Because TV is awesome and so good and have you ever seen Friday Night Lights?

Basically we just write stuff after we watch/listen/read it and get it up. Hey, we’re busy people. We have families and school and maybe we just want to watch one more episode of Doctor Who before we write about it.

Cool People Who Keep The Site Going:
Jordan Hickman – Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Jordan Parnell – Music Editor
Tana Guerra – Book Editor
Amy Martinez – Contributing Writer
Sarita Muley – Contributing Writer
Valeria Espinoza – Contributing Writer

Anything you’ve discovered recently and you want us to write about it? Interested in contributing to the site? You can contact us by e-mailing Jordan Hickman at jordan@reallylatereviews.com


3 comments on “About

  1. Since you pride yourself on late reviews, I hope you’ll indulge this really late response to your comments on the November SNL episode with Louie CK and Fun. I agree with your assessments of the various sketches, but I could not disagree more with the review of the music. I thought Fun.’s performance of Some Nights ranked among the greatest in the history of the show [and I should qualify that by saying (a) I am not a Fun. groupie, (b) I am a (former) musician and a huge music fan, and (c) I have seen 99% of all SNL episodes since they started, circa 1975.] This may not compare to some of their live performances, but that’s not the right standard to apply. It is incredibly HARD to do a show in that studio setting. But they pulled it off beautifully. The a cappella vocals were mind-blowing, and the energy exhibited by the entire band was contagious. The auto-tune is at worst a minor distraction. Ruess uses it for effect, not for correction. I don’t know why people fuss about that. I taped the show and have watched the performance repeatedly. I get goose-bumps every time. Maybe you could take another look.

    1. Thanks for your comment. And I will indeed check them out again. I too have watched (almost) every episode of SNL and I understand how hard it is to play in that environment and setting. And I’ve stopped complaining about the auto-tune because, like you said, he uses it for effect. But thanks for reading and I will definitely make sure to watch it again. You’re a persuasive guy.

  2. Hello

    Hope you are great!

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    We started out in the UK in 2013 playing the NME awards alongside Django Django and have seen support from BBC 2, BBC 6, 1Xtra, MusicWeek, Indie Shuffle and Clash. Our first headline show was at Notting Hill Arts Club in London.

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