A Guide to Game of Thrones

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Hey guys, let’s have a chat about the wonderful, crazy, heart stopping show called Game of Thrones! I thought about recapping each episode of each season but when I sat down and thought about it, I realised how big this show really is and with how much happens each season, It’s just too big! so this will be an info post for anyone who hasn’t seen it but thought about it (where have you been?? go, go watch it!) I’ll review season 7 when its starts back next year so get ready!

What is Game of Thrones about?

Game of Thrones follows a dynastic conflict among competing claimants for succession to the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. It also chronicles the rising threat of the impending winter and the legendary creatures and fierce peoples of the North. In simpler terms it’s about different people who feel they all have a true claim, fighting to sit on a really uncomfortable but incredible looking throne made out of swords! The show is based on a series of books called A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R. R. Martin and were brought to life by producers D. B. Weiss and David Benioff.

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Let’s meet the houses you will see most while watching the show. Of course there are many more houses but the show follows these ones in particular very closely.


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House Stark: House Stark of Winterfell is a Great House of Westeros, ruling over the vast region known as the North and the Vale as Kings in the North from their seat in Winterfell. Head of the house is Ned a brave and noble man, he has a wife Catelyn and together they have 5 children oldest being Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and the youngest is Rickon. There is also a step son who is said to belong to Ned, his name is Jon Snow. There is much speculation that Jon does not infact belong to Ned and that Ned is just protecting him for someone else. They also have another living with them he is Theon Greyjoy. House Stark’s sigil is a grey direwolf on a white background, sometimes over a green escutcheon. And the word words are “Winter is Coming”.



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House Lannister: House Lannister is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. Their lands are in the far west of the continent. Their seat is Casterly Rock, a castle on a rocky promontory overlooking the Sunset Sea. It overlooks the thriving city of Lannisport and sits atop the most productive gold mine in the Westerlands. They are the wealthiest family in the realm. Head of the house is Tywin, his wife Joanna died while giving birth to their youngest son. They have 3 children, Jamie and Cersei who are the oldest and are fraternal twins and the youngest is Tyrion who is a dwarf. He was always treated differently by the family, especially by his father Tywin. Tyrion is blamed for the death of Joanna. House Lannister’s sigil is of a golden lion on a crimson background, and their House words are “Hear me roar!”, which is rarely mentioned. Their unofficial motto, which is well known as the official one, is “A Lannister always pays his debts



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House Targaryen: House Targaryen is a former Great House of Westeros and was the ruling royal House of the Seven Kingdoms for three centuries, before it was deposed during Robert’s Rebellion. The few surviving Targaryens fled into exile. Currently based in Essos, House Targaryen seeks to retake the Seven Kingdoms from House Lannister. Head of the house is Aerys also known as the mad king, his wife Rhaella died while giving birth to their youngest daughter. They had 3 children, Rhaegar is the oldest son followed by Viserys the middle son and the Youngest Daenerys she is the only daughter. Targaryen are known for being pale white, have silver white hair and purple eyes. The house sigil is of a 3 headed red dragon on a black cover and their house words are “Fire and Blood”.



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House Baratheon: House Baratheon of Storm’s End is a Great House of Westeros. Its main branch was formerly the royal house, but House Lannister now controls the throne. Head of the house is Robert, his wife is Cersei who was a Lannister. they have 3 children, the oldest is Joffrey, the middle is their only daugter Myrcella and the youngest is a son Tommen. House Baratheon’s sigil is a black stag on a gold background and their house motto is “Ours is the Fury”. When Robert ascended the Iron Throne, a gold crown was added to the stag, denoting their status as the royal house. Robert is also the best friend of Ned Stark, the two of them were like brothers.




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House Bolton: House Bolton of the Dreadfort is a noble house from the North. Their original lands were in the northeast of the Stark territories. Their stronghold was a castle called the Dreadfort and the head of the house was the Lord of the Dreadfort. Head of the house is Roose, he has a trueborn son, Domeric, by his first wife, who perished, forcing Roose to rely on his bastard son, Ramsay Snow, later legitimized by his father to be known as Ramsay Bolton. House Bolton’s sigil consists of a red flayed man upside-down on an x-shaped white cross over a field of black. Their official motto was “Our Blades Are Sharp”, though a common saying of members of the House was “A naked man has few secrets; a flayed man, none”.



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House Tyrell: House Tyrell of Highgarden is one of the Great Houses ofWesteros. It rules over the Reach, a vast, fertile, and heavily-populated region of southwestern Westeros, from their castle-seat, Highgarden. Lead by Olenna Tyrell and follows her two grandchildren Loras and his sister Margarey. You see a lof of Margery thoughout each season as she is married off to whoever the king is at the time. Olenna is one of the best characters of the show she is ruthless and savage and such a fun character to watch, and in the coming seasons I feel she will be a great threat to whoever may cross her path! The Tyrell sigil is a golden rose on a pale green field. Their words are, “Growing Strong”.




In the Game of Thrones world you will see other beings, so here is a rundown of them


Direwolves are an unusually large and intelligent species of wolf. A grey direwolf on a white field is the sigil of House Stark. An adult direwolf is as large as a small horse, and can rip a man’s arm from its socket. Even a juvenile direwolf is quite capable of killing a man by ripping out his throat. Physically they are not simply larger versions of wolves, but have slightly different proportions than their smaller cousins; their heads are larger with a leaner, more pronounced muzzle, their legs are longer in proportion to their body, and they have proportionately larger teeth that are often used to crush bones. In season 1 of Game of Thrones, the Stark boys come across a dead direwolf mother and her 6 pups, after one of the Stark boys Bran asks Ned if they can keep them, Ned agrees but only on the grounds that the Stark kids will be 100% responsible for them. The 5 Stark kids get one each. Upon leaving the area, Jon notices another direwolf puppy who is the runt of the litter, Theon makes a joke that this one belongs to Jon as he is the runt of the litter. Jon names him Ghost, as he is pure white with blood red eyes, even though he started out as the smallest, he is now the biggest and strongest of all 6 direwolf puppies. Direwolves are very protective of their owners and never leave their sides. Unfortunately you do not get to see them much throughout the show but you do see a lot of Ghost and he is my favourite! so yay!

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In the picture above from first to last we have Sansa with Lady, Jon with Ghost, Robb with Grey Wind, Bran with Summer, Arya with Nymeria and Rickon with Shaggydog.



In the series you will see 3 dragons who all belong to Daenerys Targaryen. she is gifted 3 dragon eggs for her wedding to Khal Drogo. Although she is told that the eggs have been turned to stone by the passage of time, she miraculously hatches them, and we now have 3 beautiful dragons with Daenerys now being the mother of dragons. She names the 3 dragons after people in her life, first we have Drogon, he is named after Daenerys’ husband Khal Drogo. He is distinguishable by his black and red colored scales, and red-black wings he is also the biggest and most aggresive of the 3. Then we have Viserion who is named after one of Daenerys’ brothers Viserys. He is distinguishable by his cream and gold colored scales, and red-orange wings. And the last one is Rhaegal who is named after Daenerys’ older brother Rhaegar. He is distinguishable by his green and bronze colored scales, and his yellow-orange colored wings. In the two pictures below we have the three dragon eggs when they were gifted to Daenerys, and the second picture is of the three dragons as babies, we have Drogon first in the red, Rhaegal in the middle in green and Viserion on the end in yellow.

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White Walkers

The white walkers are the zombies of the Game of Thrones world, to be more specific they are ice zombies. They are the threat behind the wall guarded by the Night’s Watch built to protect the kingdoms from them. There are a few main white walkers and they are lead by the nights king and with them they bring a massive army of the undead. in season 1 episode 1 we see a man take a new born baby boy in the forest and leave him there, we then see a white walker emerge who takes the baby and turns him into a white walker. Unfortunately we do not get a good look at them throughout the seasons until season 5 and a bit in season 6. they are very cool and I can’t wait to see what happens with these guys!

The Night King and behind him are some of the undead. Second picture is of the leaders of the undead and the undead horses.

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 The free folk (Wildlings) and Giants

The Free Folk is the name used to refer to themselves by the people who live in the lands beyond the Wall, still on the continent of Westeros but beyond the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms. The people of the Seven Kingdoms refer to the Free Folk derogatorily as wildlingsGiants are a non-human race considered to be a legend by the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms south of the Wall. However, giants do actually exist in the furthest north beyond the Wall, and have had some interactions with the human wildlings. The Wildlings have a couple of giants with them that help them fight against any threat they may encounter.

A giant at work, in the picture below with some Wildling folk.

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The Wildling homes

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The Dothraki are a race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors in Essos, the continent to the east of Westeros across the Narrow Sea. They inhabit the vast central plains of Essos, known as the Dothraki sea. Their bond with horses is such that Dothraki are said to be born, fight, and die in the saddle. Daenerys was wed to the kahl (Dothraki Warlord) Drogo, pictured below sitting and some fellow Dothraki. 

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The Map

There are a lot of different places in the Game of Thrones world, so here is a few that you will see most.

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  • Winterfell is home of the Starks
  • The wall is home to the men of the night’s watch
  • Kings Landing is home to the king and also the Lannisters
  • Iron Islands is home to the Greyjoys
  • Dorne is home to the Martells
  • Daenerys has spent a lot of time in the Dothraki Sea home of the Dothraki people, as her husband Drogo is a Dothraki
  • Highgarden is home to the Tyrells, although their granddaughter Margery resides in Kings Landing as she is queen
  • Pentos is where Daenerys and her brother Viserys fled to exile, also where she marries Drogo.

 Main Cast

Sean Bean: Ned Stark

Peter Dinklage: Tyrion Lannister

Emilia Clarke: Daenerys Targaryen

Kit Harrington: Jon Snow

Lena Headey: Cersei Lannister

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Jamie Lannister

Sophie Turner: Sansa Stark

Maisie Williams: Arya Stark

Iwan Rheon: Ramsay Snow/Bolton

Gwendoline Christie: Brienne of Tarth

Jason Momoa: Khal Drogo

Issac Hempstead-Wright: Brandon/Bran Stark

Richard Madden: Robb Stark

Michelle Fairly: Catelynn Stark

Natalie Dormer: Margery Tyrell

Diana Rigg: Olenna Tyrell

Aiden Gillan: Petyr Baelish

Iain Glen: Jorah Mormont

Alfie Allen: Theon Greyjoy

John Bradley West: Samwell Tully

Carice Van Houten: Melisandre

Mark Addy: Robert Baratheon

Steven Dillane: Stannis Baratheon

Charles Dance: Tywin Lannister

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From left to right: Drogo, Daenerys, Viserys, Jamie, Tyrion, Joffrey, Cersei, Baelish, Robert, Theon, Sansa, Bran, Catelynn, Arya, Robb, Ned and Jon Snow.


Why you should watch it

If you are a fan of fantasy show then this is definitely one for you, it is an emotional roller-coaster where any character could die at any moment whether they are a main character or not. There are incredible fight scenes and the scenery is breathtaking. There is plenty of eye candy for the men and woman out there, personally I am a huge fan of Jon Snow and Daenerys. There is always a lot going on in this show and its a lot to get your head around every episode as so much happens, so its definitely one that needs your undivided attention. But be warned as it may consume your life as it has done for me! The only downside is that there are not many episodes in each season, there are only 10 and the cliffhangers are so intense you are left for a whole year until the new season starts before you find out the outcome. There is one season per year. My advice if you are thinking about giving it a go is don’t get too attached to characters, I and many others currently watching have learnt that the hard way! and basically just brace yourself because it really is an incredible show that you should certainly give a go if you’re not already!



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