Gilmore Girls-1×03 Kill Me Now Review

1x03 Kill Me NowWhen Chilton requires Rory to learn a sport, Emily suggests that Richard teach her how to play golf. (She could use Lorelai’s old golf clubs. After all, “they’re upstairs gathering dust along with the rest of her potential.” Lorelai pleads with her mother not to force the two together, explaining that Rory doesn’t like to hurt anyone’s feeling and she won’t say that she doesn’t want to go. Richard and Rory are both apprehensive about spending time together, especially golfing. Golf day begins on the wrong foot, as Rory is 30 minutes late and Richard is impatiently waiting for her. Upon arriving, Emily give Rory this 1x03_Rory_Richardridiculous “golf hat” that looks like something from Rastafarian culture. Despite expectations that the outing was going to be a disaster, the two end up enjoying themselves.
Richard learns about his granddaughter’s aspirations to travel and the two find common interests in literature. Rory fills Richard in on all of the gossip around the club members that she heard in the steam room over lunch.  Richard even proudly introduces her to his friends at the club.

Back in the Hollow, the Independence inn is having a double wedding for twin sisters marrying twin brothers. (That poor, poor mother!), which keeps Lorelai very busy. We see how confident and in control Lorelai is putting the event together, having a solution for any problem that arises or may arise. You go girl! This is the Lorelai Gilmore we all

Twin Weddingaspire to be! We also get an appearance from Kirk  who still may or may not be Kirk, delivering swans to the inn. For those of you keeping count, Kirk’s Job count is currently at 1 (2, if you consider DSL guy as Mick.) We also learn that Michel was attacked by a band of swans.

Lorelai is surprised to find out Rory actually had a good time with her grandfather. The next day, Richard calls the inn asking to speak to Rory to discuss a book, adding fuel to Lorelai’s jealousy fire. Lorelai suggests to Rory they should use her golfing outing to get out of Friday night dinner that week, Rory says she would like to go to dinner so she can get the book Richard and her had discussed. Clearly not taking it well, Lorelai picks a fight with Rory over her borrowing her “favorite” sweater without asking her because Rory’s bigger boobs will stretch it out.

The next day, Lorelai is talking to Sookie while they are walking through town and she admits Rory wanting to hang out with her grandfather is freaking her out and most of all she hates that her mother was right. Sookie points out Sookie and Lorelaithat she thinks Lorelai is jealous that her parents like Rory better than her. Then Sookie got distracted by some fresh strawberries on sale on the street, strawberries which Jackson failed to sell her earlier that week so she can make strawberry shortcake for the wedding. Coincidentally, Jackson walks by at that exact moment and chases Sookie around the town for “cheating” on him with another produce vendor. Aww, those two love birds! They were clearly made of each other.

Wedding day for our twin brides and grooms was a major success as we see the reception in full swing and Lorelai a gorgeous form- fitting purple dress. Lorelai apologized to Rory for her behavior. Funny how it is the mother apologizing to the daughter, depicting the unique relationship as equals they share.Purple DressRory suggests that she can bond with her parents if she wanted too. Lorelai explains that “too much has happened.” Gasp! Intrigue! This leaves us, the audience, wanting to know more about the events leading to Lorelai running away from home. Among the wedding guests, Lorelai coincidentally points out a young girl pouting on chair whose mother is scolding her and telling her to act like a lady. Lorelai tells her daughter she used to have to wear those fancy, puffy dresses (with Peter Pan sleeves!) Rory thanks her mother for metaphorically not putting her in a dress like that. In true Lorelai fashion, she points out how the dress flies up when twirling around in them, officially making up mother-daughter pair.

Cut to Friday Night dinner, the girls bring over leftover blueberry shortcake. Emily is snooty about the “used” dessert they brought with them. What day of the week was this wedding on anyway?  Anyhow, Emily then proceeds to gloat about how much fun Richard and Rory had last week. She might as well could have been dancing around singing “I told you so!” Richard joins the ladies and announces that he has a surprise for Rory, memories for an author they were discussing. Richard takes Rory to his study to see the book and Emily follows behind, leaving Lorelai alone on the couch, sipping her drink.

Lorelai end

Although one of the slower episodes of Gilmore Girls in terms of plot, we witness the blossoming of Rory and Richard’s relationship, Sookie and Jackson’s budding romance, and Lorelai’s emotional inner struggle of introducing elements of her old life to her daughter who embraces it with open arms.

Memorable Moment

Emily’s Countless CooksLorelai: One's a Man

In the opening Friday night dinner scene, a conversation about good cooks is brought up when Lorelai compliments the cook’s dinner (why does she look like a maid) only to find out her name is Sara, not Mira. Of course, Richard confuses as to which cook he liked better, Anton or Sophia to which Lorelai points out, “But one is man, and one is a woman!”

Rory’s Golf HatEmily and Hat

Emily: “Now you look like Tiger Wood.”

Rory: “Wow, that’s some hat.”

Golf is a Good Walk SpoiledGolf is a Walk Spoiled

I only point this out because it is mentioned a few more times throughout the series.

Sookie and Jackson’s First Banter.

Sookie and Jackson

Jackson would never sell Sookie inferior produce. As a result: Blueberry Shortcake.

Lorelai Says “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee” For the First Time.Lorelai: Coffee Coffee Coffee

Although not as talked about as the season 5 “coffee, coffee, coffee” where Lorelai is at Weston’s and the server brings her 3 separate coffees, this was my first time noticing she said it in this episode! This proves that no matter how many time you’ve watched Gilmore Girls, you’ll always find something new.

Rory Shares Her Plan To Go Backpacking Through Europe.

We learn about Rory and Lorelai’s plan to go backpacking through Europe and stay in hostels after graduation.

Michel is Afraid of Swan and Is Kirk Kirk yet?

This requires no explanation.Kirk and Swans

Give Her a $100 and Drella Will Be Your Jukebox.Drella is a Jukebox

I love Alex Borstein! (AKA the original Sookie who would probably be in the revival, no I’m not bitter at all about a Melissa McCarthy-less revival. Side note: Alex Borstein is married to Jackson Douglas in real life which would have meant that Sookie and Jackson were together in real life! But maybe in another life.)

Lorelai’s Hair Up!

As much as I love Lorelai’s flowing curls, this is one of the rare times her hair is up and Lauren Graham look absolutely flawless.Lorelai's hair

You’re… Bigger!

One of the best mother-daughter fights ever! Watch it here again!

You're bigger

Quote of the Episode:

LORELAI: “I’m sorry.”
RORY: “It’s OK.”
LORELAI: “A crazy evil spirit obsessed with bra size took over my body.”
RORY: “It happens.”
LORELAI:” She’s gone now.”

Life Lesson: “Things change, move on.”

Lorelai’s response to Luke when he brings her a burger and she’s no longer starving. (I just really wanted to throw Luke in here somehow.)Things Change

Join me next episode when we meet Max, Maaax Medina.

Photos courtesy of The WB/CW.

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