Favorite YouTube Videos of the Month: February Edition

With the new year ringing in, I thought it would be neat to have something new and different to the site. After sharing my favorite Teen Wolf fanmade videos, I had the idea of the writers picking their favorite YouTube video for the month and share it with you guys. The videos for this month range from TV shows, comics, carpool singing, music videos, and theme songs. Check out our favorite videos for the month.

Hannah’s Pick:

‘Human | Parenthood’ by christabel23181

Parenthood ended almost a year so I thought I would choose this fan made Parenthood video as my favorite video of February.

It does a great job of showing all the different sides of Parenthood, it presents the times it made us laugh and the many times it made us cry. I’ve watched a lot of videos in preparation for this and every time I came back to this, it just got me. The song “Human” by Christina Perri does not only fit the sequences perfectly but the show itself.

Val’s Pick:

‘The Batman Cinematic Universe!’ by VariantComics

This video was shared to me by my boyfriend who knows how much I love the superhero world! I LOVED this video because we get a better understanding and a behind the scenes of the different cinematic Batman’s up to what we should expect to see next month with Ben Affleck on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If you’re a huge fan of Batman, or superheroes, you’ll really enjoy this video!

Miranda’s Pick:

‘The Boy Who Runs With Wolves’ by vicu1904

I just love this video so much. The first time I watched it, it gave me chills (is that a sign I’m too invested in the character/show or a sign of how good the video is? Ha). It is just so well done, put together, and edited. Sure, it’s a bit lengthy, but it’s well worth it, especially if you like Teen Wolf.
The video shows how Stiles Stilinski is just a human who got sucked into the supernatural world because of his best friend. It shows his loyalty and his heart and his bravery. In a pack full of supernatural friends, he’s the human and he struggles with that. He wants to be able to do it things his friends can, but he can’t. It takes him a long time to realize that he can be the hero in his own way, without supernatural abilities.
Oh boy. I could go on and on, but y’all don’t want to read my rambles. I just wish this video could be updated to where we are now in the show so that we can see just how much character development has happened. Stiles is one of my all time favorite characters for so many reasons, and I can’t think of a better way/video to describe him (although, it could use some of his lighter moments).


Jordan’s Pick: 

‘Make Me Like You’ by GwenStefaniVEVO

Gwen Stefani is back with her first solo album in almost 10 years. She also became the first person ever to create a music video live, and it was during the Grammys, no less. Looking at the video, it was all shot live, with one take, and required zero editing. How cool is that? Plus, the song is so freakin’ catchy and I’ve been singing it non-stop. After a tumultuous year in her personal life, I for one am happy to hear that the album will not only be angry break up songs, but also contain happy, fun little jams like “Make Me Like You”. I’ve been a fan of Stefani for years and it’s so great to see her so happy and excited about her new music.


Sarita’s Pick: 

‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name – NBC 75th Anniversary’ by VDubPQ32

I always love TV specials that look back on past shows on air. I get to take a trip down memory lane and also see the tv casts as they are now. ‘We’ll get one of this specials this month (with the tribute to James Burrows, the director or CheersFriends, and Taxi) and probably one next year when NBC celebrates its 90th anniversary. One of my favorite clips from a special- which I unfortunately didn’t catch when it originally aired in 2002- was when Eric McCormack (from Will and Grace), Will Ferrell, and Martin Short sang all the theme songs from previous NBC shows. I particularly liked their rendition of the Cheers Theme song, and the cut to the Cheers cast as they sang.  Not only did the three actors sing beautifully but the music as it panned to the cast had a nostalgic and emotional ring to it. I frequently watch this clip again and again when I need a pick me upper.

Amy’s Pick:

‘Adele Carpool Karaoke’ by The Late Late Show with James Corden

I came across a gif set on Tumblr of Adele singing with James Corden in a car and it showed how many more views Adele had while singing her songs in a car than one of Taylor Swift’s music videos. I couldn’t help myself and YouTube the video and watch.

The video is 15 minutes long but there’s never a dull minute in this video. I imagine this is how it would be like if one hung out with Adele, listening to her singing along to her songs, sharing funny stories, talking about her album and her future with music. My favorite part was Adele expressing how heartbroken she was about Spice Girls breaking up years ago and then jamming out to one of their songs.

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