“Teen Wolf” 6×18 Recap: Genotype

This past Sunday, MTV aired two episodes of Teen Wolf. Now we’re literally down to the wire with only one episode left. ONE! *sobs* Instead of recapping the entire two hours, I’ll just give you the highlights from each episode before we bawl our eyes out this coming Sunday. Here’s what you need to know from episode 18.

Teen Wolf Genotype Scott McCall
GIF: scottstiles.tumblr.com

“Stop the Anuk-ite… Stop the war.”

After hearing a voicemail from the phone they found on one of the dead bodies, Scott and Liam believe they need to find the other half of the Anuk-ite. Theo doesn’t think that’s the case. They already know one half of the Anuk-ite and they should just kill Aaron. Surprisingly Mason agrees with Theo. In the end, they all believe as long as they kill the Anuk-ite, the war would end before it starts.

Teen Wolf Genotype Theo Raeken
GIF: theoraken.tumblr.com

“Okay, so you’re the smart one. Why are we down here?”

Mason and Theo go to the tunnels to find Aaron, as that’s the last place he was at. Theo asks why no one bothered to check if Aaron was still hiding in the tunnels. Mason said because they’re scared. The further they walk into the tunnels, the more they feel fear. Despite feeling scared, they work together to find Aaron.

Teen Wolf Genotype
GIF: fytwolf.tumblr.com

”I think I know who it is.”

Liam calls back the number that called the cell phone. When someone picked up the line, they said they were from the high school. Liam listened to the voicemail once again and paid close attention, figuring out the woman who left the voicemail is his biology teacher, Mrs. Finch.

Teen Wolf Genotype Malia Tate Lydia Martin
GIF Credit: stydiaislove.tumblr.com

“Maybe you should touch him.”

Lydia needs to figure out why “dead” Halwyn reached out to her during one of her banshee premonitions. Malia tries everything she can to help Lydia, including having Lydia touch Halwyn’s face, chest, and chin. She even offers to dig her claws into his neck to get some answers. Lydia refuses the idea knowing it might hurt Halwyn. Then, Malia offers to hit Lydia with a small medical hammer so Lydia could be unconscious. Instead, Malia helps Lydia by pressing hard against her chest to make her unconscious. It works as Lydia figures out Halwyn isn’t dead and she knows how to save him.

Teen Wolf Genotype Malia Tate Lydia Martin
GIF: stilinskikissme.tumblr.com

“So we take out the bullet, he dies again.”

Lydia and Malia sneak Halwyn into the hospital and put him under an MRI machine to pop out the steal bullet in\ his forehead. Before Lydia pushes the on button, she notices the steel bullet is laced with silver. The silver will then melt into Halwyn’s brain while he’s healing, which will naturally lead to silver poisoning.

Teen Wolf Genotype Quinn
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“Quinn. My daughter’s name is Quinn.”

Liam and Scott know Mrs. Finch is a werewolf. She denies it until Scott delivers the bad news; her entire pack was killed. Mrs. Finch explains her pack was hiding in the woods because they were scared. She asks if they found her daughter. Unfortunately there was only one body they couldn’t identify as the body was completely stripped from its’ skin. Scott and Liam explain to Mrs. Finch the other half of the Anuk-ite more than likely took her daughter’s body as a host. They need her to call her daughter to catch that half of the Anuk-ite. When it’s too hard for Mrs. Finch to call, Liam offers to do it. He finds out Mrs. Finch’s daughter’s name. Quinn. She was the werewolf who showed up to Scott’s house after an officer tried to kill her with a bullet.

Teen Wolf Genotype Mason Hewitt Theo Raeken
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“You can’t take pain, if you don’t care.”

Theo admits he wants to be a part of the pack, but Mason gives him reasons why no one trusts him, especially him. When fear takes over their bodies, Theo shifts and saves Mason seconds before Aaron was about to attack him. Mason somehow still gets hurt and can’t get up. Theo refuses to leave him behind and decides to help Mason by taking his pain away, except he can’t.

Teen Wolf Genotype Scott McCall Mrs. Finch
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“You have to trigger your healing. You need to shift.”

Scott sees the pack symbol tattooed on Mrs. Finch’s arm as she’s slowly dying. Refusing to let her die, he tells her she needs to shift. When she does, her eyes change red. Mrs. Finch is an alpha! I need answers on how she hid being an alpha so well.

Teen Wolf Genotype Malia Tate Halwyn
GIF: fytwolf.tumblr.com

“You can’t stop it. You can’t kill it.”

Halwyn explains to the girls they can’t kill the Anuk-ite seconds before he dies. You can only trap it by preventing both halves to merge. If they merge, they wouldn’t be able to stop it. Halwyn warns the girls they cannot look in the Anuk-ite’s eyes after both halves merge as one look will kill them.

Teen Wolf Genotype Liam Dunbar Lydia Martin Malia Tate Scott McCall
GIF: wolfiehunters.tumblr.com

“How do we fight something we can’t look at?”

While Theo is fighting Aaron in the tunnels, back at the school Quinn feels all the hits Aaron is receiving from Theo. When Quinn and Aaron find each other at the library, they fight each other to merge. Liam tries to stop them but gets knocked out. When Liam gets up, he sees Aaron in the process of merging while walking in between the bookshelves. Lydia saves Liam and explains why they have to run. It’ll kill with just one look and he certainly does. While walking out of the library the Anuk-ite kills two hunters with just one look that changes them into stone.

Teen Wolf Genotype Malia Tate Scott McCall
GIF: fytwolf.tumblr.com

“You’ve seen me naked.”

With all the blood on Scott’s body, Malia suggests he should shower instead of trying to rub it off. While Scott takes off his shirt, Malia mirrors his actions. Eventually, they end up in the shower together for some hot shower sex. As hot as it was, it was completely unnecessary to have. It didn’t fit with the overall storyline.

Teen Wolf Genotype Gerard Argent
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“You need an Argent.”

In the end, the Anuk-ite goes to the hospital and kills so many people in the process with just one look. He goes into the morgue to find Halwyn missing. But, low and behold, Gerard is there waiting for him and ready to make him a deal. In exchange for the Anuk-ite wanting his freedom, Gerard offers to weaken Scott with the proper poison and a silver bullet. Then, the Anuk-ite can kill him and his pack, which will give him all the fear (power) he needs.

I’ll be posting the highlights of episode 19 on Saturday. Be sure to tune in THIS Sunday for MTV’s Teen Wolf series finale on 8/7c.

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