Riverdale 2×10 “Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle” Recap

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Here’s a quick recap of everything that happened on Riverdale before the winter break:

  • Mayor McCoy put her foot down on the Southside because Josie got some Jingle Jangle.
  • The janitor was caught as the Black Hood.
  • Bughead broke up… for now.
  • Nick St. Claire was in an “accident” for getting handsy with Veronica.
  • Cheryl made her mom rip up the hush money check that Nick St. Claire’s family paid, so she wouldn’t press charges.
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Now, moving on to last week’s episode, Veronica is turning to the dark side. Well, not Darth Vader dark, just Lodge dark. Hiram has plans to buy the land under Southside High. The only way to do that is get Southside High closed, but those students need a new place to go. The silver lining to this dirty deed is Jughead going back to Riverdale High. It’s only a matter of time before my OTP get back together. Now, where does Veronica come into play? She knows all about her father’s misdeeds. Veronica has the role of smoothing things over between the students at school. If the Serpents cause too much trouble, people will ask more questions about why Southside High got shutdown so suddenly.

In good news, Polly had the twins. The downside is she went the celebrity odd name route with Juniper and Dagwood. Sadly, Polly plans on staying at “the farm” to raise her babies. I think it’s safe to assume that’s going to be a storyline for another episode. Betty thinks it’s a cult, but Polly thinks it’s a safe place to raise the twins.

All the Polly and the twins drama sends Betty on a search for her long lost brother, Charles. A sweet sentiment, but he holds a lot of resentment towards the family for giving him up. Charles prefers to go by the name Chic and isn’t the vision of perfection the Coopers used to appear to be. Chic is in the business of “fantasy fulfillment” living at the Last Resort Hostel. Alice is heartbroken over her firstborn not wanting anything to do with her, but what did she expect? You give up your child, then live the perfect cookie-cutter life, and go on to have two other kids. Of course he was going to be hurt and hold a grudge.

Later in the episode, Betty makes another visit to see her brother. Chic gets attacked by the manger, but Betty saves him with some pepper spray. Then, she brings him home to patch him up. Now, I’ve watch enough Lifetime movies to know you just don’t invite the child you gave up to sleep in your home. The Coopers fail to see the potential threat in this. Later, Chic is seen watching over Betty sleeping in her room and it’s not in the sweet, big brother way.

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An FBI agent is trying to get the dirt on Hiram Lodge and he needs Archie’s help to do it. Archie may be cute, but he’s not the brightest crayon in the box. He just started talking to the agent and didn’t tell his father. Hiram is a dangerous man and he most likely will find out. At least Archie is smart enough to have a safety net for his father and Veronica. No matter what happens, Fred and Veronica will be protected from any lawsuits that may involve Hiram.

Archie ends up making a trip to visit Nick St. Claire to get him to write another check for Cheryl. The trip is just a ruse to find out about the “accident” Nick was in. After finding out Nick got a little too close to Veronica, Archie wants revenge. Nick, being the smart mouth that he is, says the wrong thing and Archikins pummels him. It’s easy to not feel bad for all the pain Nick’s been through after what he did to Veronica and Cheryl, and I don’t feel bad in the slightest.

Forget all the potential law breaking drama and let’s focus on the good stuff. Last episode Archie and Betty shared a brief kiss. Cheryl decided to use this for blackmail, but Archie ends up telling Veronica. He says it happened while Archica and Bughead were broken up, but that’s no excuse. Sweet little Archie is forgetting the Mean Girl’s rule of feminism: “Ex-boyfriends are just off limits to friends.” Regardless of how long they were broken up, the kiss shouldn’t have happened. I know eventually Veronica will bring it up to Betty and I can’t wait.

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Last but not least, Archie asks the agent if he thought they caught the right guy as the Black Hood. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Law and Order: SVU or even Scooby-Doo, you know you don’t usually catch the bad guy half way through the show. We’re only in the middle of the season. The chances of them accurately catching the Black Hood, the main antagonist this season, before episode ten is slim. I still have a theory that there was more than one Black Hood, but we’ll have to find out later if that theory holds true.

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