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Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg
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I’ve been waiting for a Justice League movie since I was born. I used to wake up early on Saturday mornings just to watch the cartoon series. I loved the cartoon and from the small glimpse at what could be in Batman V Superman gave me chills. Why did it take so long to do a Justice League movie when we’ve had multiple Batman and Superman movies? To be honest, it seems like DC is trying to play catch up with Marvel. So far Marvel has 17 movies, but DC doesn’t need to rush greatness.

Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman
Source: DC Extended Universe Wikia

In the aftermath of Superman’s death, the world has lost hope. This makes everyone fearful, leading to the villain Steppenwolf’s return. His minions, known as Parademons, feed on fear. Batman is attempting to assemble the metahumans he learned about from Lex Luthor’s files in Batman V Superman.

The problem with trying to write a movie for an epic super hero team fans have been waiting years for is making a villain big enough to take them on. There has to be a reason Batman put together this super team. Batman has been fighting for justice in Gotham for 40 years. Why look for help now? We all know Batman isn’t really a team player. In Batman V Superman, The Flash comes back in time to warn Batman. The warning was pretty vague, and The Flash realized he was too soon with his message, but it was enough to let Bruce know something big was going to happen. Regardless of how much I love Batman, there’s only so much someone whose only superpower is money can do alone.

Wonder Woman has been in hiding since Steve Trevor’s death during WWI. Cyborg is hiding as well. He’s been sulking in his sorrows since his father saved him with alien technology, making him mostly robot. Aquaman is a hermit, helping feed people in an Iceland town by bringing fish in with the tide. The Flash is up for helping people, but he hasn’t dealt with a lot of villains. He captured Boomerang in Suicide Squad, but that didn’t require a lot of work. The Flash even says “I’ve just pushed some people and ran away.”

The writers may have relied too much on viewers wanting to see the Justice League on the big screen rather than the antagonist that brings them together in the first place. I’m still a little confused about Steppenwolf’s goal in the movie. I know some villains are evil just for the sake of being evil, but Steppenwolf didn’t make much sense to me. This wasn’t Steppenwolf’s first time trying to take over Earth. Unsuccessful at his first attempt 28,000 years ago, Superman’s death and Lex Luther’s intervening prompts him to return to the planet in search of the Mother Boxes. Mother Boxes have the power to reshape the world to make it into another Apokalips, Steppenwolf’s home planet.

Aquaman, Justice League
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Possibly the most exciting thing about this movie, other than seeing these super heroes unite on the big screen for the first time, is the new characters. Justice League got me excited for the future origin stories. Aquaman is set to release next year. People magazine may have named Blake Shelton their Sexiest Man Alive, but Jason Momoa is mine. There were scenes that were cut for time; so, there was some information moviegoers will miss out on. There was a brief scene with Aquaman in Atlantis, but it leaves you with more questions than answers. The Flash’s future solo film is set for 2020. You get a brief synopses of his origin in Justice League, so his film won’t focus too much on that. Cyborg’s solo film won’t be released until 2020, but he got more to his origin story than Aquaman. At first, I was a little hesitant about Cyborg joining the Justice League in the new DC Extended Universe. I’m always used to seeing him in the Teen Titians, but I really enjoyed him in this story and I can’t wait to see his solo movie.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of comic relief in this film and not just from The Flash. Even Alfred gets in on the jokes with a little shade thrown on Batman.

A small detail not many people may notice is the Amazons’ outfits. Wonder Woman was the best movie of all time. I walked out of that movie feeling powerful. No man could touch me. Now keep in mind, Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman and Zack Snyder directed Justice League. I was so excited to see the Amazons again, but their outfits were more revealing this time around. If you plan on having a continuation in a film, keep everything the same. It was a small detail, but when you follow an incredible movie like Wonder Woman, you need continuity.

Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash
Source: DC Extended Universe Wikia

If you’re planning on leaving as soon as the movie is over, think again. There’s one mid-credit scene and a post credit scene. I won’t spoil it, but one is for laughs and the other leads into the next set of DC films.

The final question: Should you go see this movie in theaters or wait until it’s on DVD? Go. See. This. Movie. I really loved watching my favorite childhood superheroes finally team up on the big screen. Even though the villain was lackluster, you’ll regret not seeing it in theaters.

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