Riverdale 2X02 Recap: Nighthawks

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The season two second episode of Riverdale was entitled “Nighthawks.” This episode had everything. Cute gif-able moments of Bughead and Varchie. An amazing performance by Josie and the Pussycats revamping “Milkshake.” Plus, it was filled with scenes at Pop’s, which are always some of my favorites.

Besides the whole Fred Andrews getting shot situation, the big dilemma this episode was Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe closing down. I’ll admit, I understand no longer wanting to dine in a place where some recently got shot; but Pop’s is the only place we see anyone eat at. Maybe it’s convenient, but no one mentions a McDonald’s or even a T.G.I. Friday’s in the small town of Riverdale. Betty wants to save the iconic dinner and it’s very noble of her to take on this challenge. Our sweet and not so innocent Betty Cooper turned to blackmail and lying to help out Pop.

Riverdale, Betty, Jughead, Bughead
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Meanwhile, FP may end up spending 20 years to life in jail. This seems absurd to me since he didn’t actually kill Jason. Everyone knows FP only helped get rid of the body, which makes him an accessory to murder. Jughead is desperate to help his father. So, he goes to a suspicious lawyer, whose office is in a tattoo shop. She tells Jughead if the family forgives FP in court, his punishment may be less sever.

When Cheryl Blossom returns to her H.B.I.C. ways and takes back the River Vixens from Veronica, she flat out tells Betty no to letting the Vixens help out at Pop’s. She doesn’t just tell Betty no, it’s “double cherry on top NO.” I did like the softer Cheryl, but it’s so good to have villain Cheryl back in the game. Later, Betty threatens to release the video of Clifford Blossom shooting Jason if Cheryl didn’t testify for FP. Our favorite blonde also takes this advantage and uses to get the Vixens to help out at Pop’s. Betty even lies saying Josie and the Pussycats were going to perform when she didn’t ask Josie. Betty knew Josie would tell her no like Cheryl, so she lied to everyone knowing Josie would be forced to perform. I guess Betty is a believer in asking for forgiveness instead of permission.

Riverdale, Joise and the Pussycats
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While all of this is going on, Archie is still dealing with his father’s shooting. He’s paranoid the shooter is going to come back and finish the job. When he finds out Ms. Grundy was killed by getting strangled to death by the cello bow he gave her, it only makes his worries worse. At the end of the episode, Archie gets a gun from Dilton to help protect him and his father.

My main thought by the middle of this episode was “where the heck is Polly?” She’s pretty pregnant, so she just can’t disappear. I understand there’s a lot going on in these episodes, but it would be nice if her own family mentioned her.

Mrs. Cooper is supposed to be the annoying, overly protective parent who snoops in everyone’s business. Then again, I guess that’s what happens when your mom works for the town’s newspaper. Mrs. Cooper spent her whole time at Pop’s snapping pictures and getting receipts on all the dirt in town. She even blamed Betty for all the wrong doing happening because Pop’s was no longer closing, but there was tons of trouble happening around the shoppe. I know Mrs. Cooper seems bad now, but she’s a doll when you compare her to Veronica’s parents.

Source: Riverdale Wikia

Veronica’s father Hiram Lodge has been trying to get back into his daughter’s good graces to no avail. Even Smitters, the family butler, has been helping Veronica avoid her father which led to him getting mysteriously replaced. Veronica brings up the letter he wrote to her mother threatening her to testify on his behalf. Hermione confesses she wrote the letter to trick Veronica to testify to help the family. This seemed suspicious to me, but Hermione is very loyal to her man. At the end of the episode, Hiram thanks Hermione for taking the blame for the letter revealing he actual sent it. Hiram proves he truly isn’t to be trusted when Veronica asked him was he buying Pop’s and he said no. Pop’s says enough money was raised to keep the Chock’lit Shoppe open with the help of a generous donation from Hiram. Turns out Pop’s is only going to manage the shoppe and Hiram is a silent partner. This attractive family is just full of dirty little secrets that keep piling up.

There’s a new drug in Riverdale called Jingle Jangle. You read that right. It’s not the name of Mariah Carey’s next Christmas hit, it’s a drug kids are dying over. Well, getting shot with. The last scene showed two teenagers sitting in a car doing the new drug. The same black masked man, who shot Fred and killed Ms. Grundy, shot both kids. I knew Riverdale was going to get darker, but I had no idea it was going to be a blood bath. It’s just hard to take it serious when I know the drug is called Jingle Jangle. I guess that’s what you name a drug that’s made in “the town with pep.”

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