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It’s been a long summer without our new favorite teen drama show Riverdale, but now Archie and the gang are back to solve a new mystery. Season one ended with us finding out our beloved twin of Cheryl, Jason Blossom, was murdered by his own father. This season our teen detectives are trying to find out who shot Archie’s father, Fred Andrews.

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During the episode entitled “Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying”, we get to see a few flash forwards. Well, we see what Fred Andrews thinks he’s going to miss out on if he dies in the hospital. In the first flash forward, the core four are graduating high school. Fred makes a statement saying he never thought he would live to see this day. Then everyone precedes to remind him that he didn’t. Suddenly, the shooter from Pop’s enters and holds his gun up. After, we’re back in the hospital watching Fred in the emergency room as Archie anxiously waits by the door. I’m hopeful Riverdale will be around long enough for us to actually get a graduation, so this was just a teaser.

The next scene may not be as deep as I am about to make it, but I love a little ship drama. Instead of Archie calling his new girlfriend Veronica, who he just spent the night with, he calls Betty. This may just be because he’s known Betty longer, they are childhood friends after all, but why not call Jughead then? Betty is the only one Archie calls. Betty then calls Veronica, who was challenging her mother’s authority at breakfast by drinking a mimosa. Jughead is the last to know once he’s called by Betty, and uses an old, but new to us, motorcycle to make his way to the hospital.

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Possibly my favorite scene this episode is when Betty, Veronica, and Jughead show up to comfort Archie. When they see Archie standing in the waiting room covered in his father’s blood and go to hug him, it’s heartwarming. This is a moment fans will remember years from now when the show ends. Seeing them embrace Archie in his time of need was beautiful.

Of course, Alice Cooper has to ruin everything by staring down Jughead because she thinks the Southside Serpents are involved. Betty revealed earlier that she and Jughead were at F.P.’s trailer and Jughead almost, in Alice’s words, “defiled” her. We all know the Serpents are no good, so it is safe to say they may have had something do with the robbery and shooting. Even when the sheriff asks Archie if the shooter’s jacket had anything on it, implying a snake, Jughead is on the defensive. Archie convinces Jughead to ask the serpents if they had any ill will towards Fred about him firing them from the construction site.

My only issue with this episode was the unnecessary shower sex between Archie and Veronica. It was barely a few hours after Archie’s father was taken to the hospital when this happened. I understand Veronica was just trying to comfort Archie, but there’s a time and a place. Honestly, I blame the writers. This is a CW teen drama. They want to make the show steamer. I just don’t think a post-shooting shower sex scene is the way to go.

Jughead has a theory that Fred’s shooting wasn’t just a robbery, but a hit. Veronica gets bold and insinuates her mother may have something to do with it. Hermione did want to buy Fred out for his company because she knew her husband wouldn’t like doing business with him. Hermoine lets Veronica know her behavior won’t be tolerated and she better get in line. Later, Jughead’s assumption proves true when a visit to Pop’s reveals no money was taken. I know the Lodges aren’t saints, especially with Hiram Lodge’s arrest for fraud and embezzlement, but Hermonie Lodge is no murderer.

Now for my favorite television red head, Cheryl Blossom (after Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf, of course). Last season ended with the Blossom manor, Thornhill, going down in flames started by Cheryl. Cheryl’s mother, Penelope, is in the hospital due to burns caused by her running back into the house to retrieve a family portrait. Cheryl gets psycho killer crazy and threatens her mother. If anyone finds out Cheryl started the fire, she would expose what her father was really hiding in the barn. I’m proud Cheryl stood up to her mother, calling her out for the abuse she did, but cutting off someone’s oxygen tube flow is a little dramatic.

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Cheryl Blossom isn’t the only dramatic one on the show. In true The GodFather style, Hiram Lodge is waiting at home at the head of the table with his wife by his side for Veronica. I loved the actor Mark Consuelous on Fox’s Pitch, so I have high hopes for his character and the new drama he will cause on Riverdale.

Last but not least (or left in season one where it belonged), we see Ms. Grundy giving piano lessons to her next victim student. Before he can leave, Ms. Grundy pulls him in for a kiss, letting us know she’s learned nothing from her time with Archie. Things seem normal but then the same shooter from Pop’s appears killing Ms. Grundy with the cello bow Archie gave to her (how poetic).


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