Teen Wolf 6×19 Recap: Broken Glass

Teen Wolf Broken Glass Derek Hale
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Chris Argent meets with a gentleman in Brazil to get information on a supernatural creature everyone seems to be afraid of. The man tells Chris it started with a mass murder of 12 dead bodies with no clues of who they were or who killed them. Apparently he wasn’t the only one investing the mass murder case. Someone else had been too, someone who was angry. He’d only attack during the daylight. He had impossible speed, teeth sharp as razors, stood tall, and had incredible strength with glowing eyes. When Chris questions if his eyes were blue, the guy is surprises Chris believes in such a crazy thing as werewolves too. It’s none other than Derek Hale. As the story continues, the guy reveals Gerard wants Derek. Interpol put a red alert on Derek, hence why he was on the TV screen during Stiles’ first day at the FBI.

Teen Wolf Broken Glass Derek Hale
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Chris finally finds Derek and practically begs Derek to go back to Beacon Hills to help save the town from his father. However, Derek doesn’t want to go back. He has some unfinished business, which is to hide the poison from the hunters because Gerard ordered them to get it. As mentioned in the previous episode, Gerard needs it in order to help the Anuk-ite kill Scott. (See my previous recap here.)

While arguing over Gerard, the FBI shows up and tells Derek and Chris to put their hands up in the air. An FBI agent starts shooting the rest of the FBI agents and then shoots Derek and Chris. Derek dropped the poison while getting shot. The FBI agent grabs it before he could get it back. The agent removes her cap and reveals herself, Kate Argent. Kate asks Derek where the rest of the poison is and he refuses to tell her. Chris shoots his sister, but Kate manages to tell both of them the poison is reserved for Scott and runs away. Derek goes after her before he tells Chris to go back to Beacon Hills and warn Scott.

Teen Wolf Broken Glass Lydia Martin
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Ms. Monroe continues to torture Ethan in front of a crowd to prove a point to stop hiding from the supernatural creatures. She believes it’s their turn to be afraid and their turn to be hunted. She lets the people help themselves with the guns and weapons from Gerard’s warehouse.

After being tortured, Nolan and Sydney drag Ethan away, who questions where is Jackson. During her sleep, Lydia is stirring and breathing heavily. She’s having one of her banshee moments and whispering where is he. When she wakes up, the first thing she says is, “where’s Jackson?”

Lydia shows up to Scott’s house only to find Peter, who is also trying to find Malia. They become worried, as they can’t reach Scott and Malia. As Lydia continues to worry, Peter asks why Lydia came to find Scott. Lydia admits she saw him and everyone else turned into stone. From the story she tells him, Peter figures out Scott and Malia are at a warehouse.

Teen Wolf Broken Glass Nolan
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Meanwhile, Nolan meets with Liam in the library to explain his plan. Not trusting him, Liam tells Nolan to tell him instead, but Nolan says its something Liam is going to want to see for himself. Nolan’s plan is to take him to the hospital to show him something. Afterwards, Liam has to beat up Nolan at the hospital to let others believe Liam did it to get information from Nolan.

When Nolan sneaks Liam into the hospital, he tells him which hospital employees are working with Ms. Monroe. He’s showing Liam the hunters don’t need to be professional hunters to join Gerard’s army. It’s literally anyone who’s willing to hold a gun and shoot any supernatural creatures.

Nolan takes Liam into a room, where there are three supernatural creatures in hospital beds and hooked with an IV bag that’s filled with wolfsbane. Not knowing who they are or what to do, Liam calls Mason for help. Mason advises Liam not to remove the IVs and wait until him and Corey get there.

Teen Wolf Broken Glass Liam Dunbar
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Liam doesn’t beat up Nolan, as he keeps his end of the bargain without anyone seeing Liam. However, on the way out of the hospital Gabe stops Nolan. Gabe knew Nolan would go to the hospital and show Liam what was in the room because Ms. Monroe expected it from Nolan. It was a set up and before Nolan could do anything, Gabe beats him up per Ms. Monroe’s orders.

When Corey and Mason walk into the hospital, hunters immediately recognize them. Once they hide in a room, they realized they’re bait. The hunters turn off the power before locking the doors to prevent Liam, Mason, and Corey from leaving the hospital.

Teen Wolf Broken Glass Malia Tate Scott McCall Deucalion
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Lastly, Scott and Malia go to Deucalion for help. Since Gerard has an army, Scott and Malia are willing to try whatever it takes to fight the Anuk-ite without looking at it. Deuc trains them with blindfolds in order to use four techniques they’ll need to learn, echolocation (sound), thermoception (heat), equilibrioception (balance), and proprioception (pressure). Deuc teaches them echolocation around the abandon warehouse by using their enhanced hearing. It takes them a few tries before they can find Deuc. Deuc tells them to fight against each other in order to understand how to fight by picking up the heat radiation. Malia enjoys this too much as she wins kicking Scott’s butt.

After getting his butt kicked, Malia suggests to try something else, as Deuc’s techniques are too hard to learn quickly. Except Scott doesn’t want to give up, especially when he believes everyone’s fear isn’t real. When Deuc sees how determined Scott is, he decides to fight him to help him accomplish what he wants to do. While Scott continues to get his butt kicked with his eyes closed, Malia helps him by whispering what he needs to do to take down Decu. With her help, Scott succeeds and Deuc says they just might survive.Before they get to excited, Lydia and Peter come rushing. They warn Scott that the war is going to happen and no one is safe. Then, out of nowhere Ms. Monroe and hunters show up and start firing their guns and Deuc is down.

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