“Teen Wolf” 6x 17: Werewolves of London – They’re back!

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf brought back four familiar faces to Beacon Hills. Since the San Diego Comic Con, fans knew some of characters from pervious seasons were returning to make an appearance sometime during the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf. However, at the time, the fans did not know why the characters were coming back. Personally, I was excited to see some of them back regardless what their storyline would be like. It’s sort of one last hoorah, which technically it is. With that being said, let’s talk about the characters that returned during this week’s episode.

Teen Wolf Werewolves of London Ethan Jackson Whittemore
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Jackson and Ethan, a.k.a. Jethan

The episode started in London where Ethan (Charlie Carver) was calling his boyfriend. Ethan’s upset his boyfriend forgot about their anniversary. Minutes later, two hunters barged in with a body tied up and shot a dart with wolfsbane at Ethan. The hunters believed they’re in control until Ethan tells the hunters they should have used yellow wolfsbane. The purple wolfsbane the hunters used doesn’t work on his boyfriend, who is half kamina and half werewolf, a.k.a. Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes).

After Jackson took down the hunters by himself, he explained to Ethan he tracked down the omegas they were looking for in the forest. However, the hunters got to them first. Before the hunters abducted him, Jackson found out the hunters had – not only killed the omegas – but several other werewolves as well. During their “He talks and I listen. So we know when you’re lying” technique, Jackson and Ethan found out the hunters are working for Gerard. The couple decided to return home.

Teen Wolf Werewolves of London Ethan Jackson Whittemore
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When Ethan and Jackson return to Beacon Hills and walk down the halls of Beacon Hills High School, they run into, of course, Ms. Monroe. Jackson – being his smug and jerk self – asked if she could help him find the lacrosse assistant, Scott McCall. Naturally this caught Ms. Monroe’s attention. Once she found out he’s the Jackson Whittemore, she tied him and Ethan up on an electric fence for questioning.

I love how Haynes and Carver returned to the show. Their characters not only have a steady relationship, but they also have great teamwork when it comes to fighting against the hunters. Also, their dynamic is interesting to see. I think seeing them together right now is perfect timing versus seeing their relationship developing throughout the show had Haynes and Carver stayed. Sure, it would have been nice to see how their relationship started, but I think Jeff and the writers throwing them at us unexpectedly right now is somewhat perfect timing. With the show ending, we don’t have time to know what happened between the time Jackson and Ethan left Beacon Hills to how they somehow found each other and started a relationship. We only have 3 episodes left! I don’t want an entire episode of their backstory. I rather get a brief summary of their relationship, just like how they explained how their tag team works. “He talks and I listen.” Simple and straight to the point.

Teen Wolf Werewolves of London Deucalion
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After his mom, his dad, Lydia, and Mason end up in the hospital from the shooting, Scott decides to gather up some supernaturals creatures and create an army to fight back against Gerard and his army of hunters. The first person Scott wants to recruit is, none other than, Deucalion. However, Decu doesn’t want to be a part of Scott’s army and fight in the war as his fighting days are over. He knows this isn’t the first war between hunters and supernaturals, and it certainly won’t be the last. “You’ll always be an outsider because of your abilities,” he tells Scott, which is why hunters/humans will never be on the same page as the supernaturals.

Also, it’s not that Deuc doesn’t want to help Scott. It’s more about how far Decu has changed since we last saw him. He’s come so far and he doesn’t want to lose himself. “I’m not afraid to lose my eyes again. I’m afraid to lose my soul.” He’s no longer the vengeful, demon werewolf who wants to kill.

As great as it is to see Deuc change for the better, I can’t help but have that feeling he’ll come back and help Scott. Deuc already did his “I owe you one” favor by helping Scott in the previous season by tricking Theo. So, technically, he doesn’t owe Scott anything. However, if he’s really the changed man that he says he is, I think he’ll help Scott. Knowing Scott needs help, he’ll eventually give him a helping hand; something the old Deuc would’ve never done.

Teen Wolf Werewolves of London Peter Hale Malia Tate
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Peter Hale

When Deuc says no, Scott and Malia seek for Peter’s help. Like Deuc, Peter says no. Life is good for Peter Hale and he doesn’t want to risk it by dying. He’s living a fantastic life with an amazing sports car. Life is good for Peter Hale.

Teen Wolf Werewolves of London Peter Hale Malia Tate
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Even though he said no, Peter makes Scott realize he can’t save everyone. At some point, he’s going to have to kill in this war if he wants to win. Basically he’s saying you can’t fight a battle without some blood on your hands. Scott has never killed anyone. He’s always tried to save everyone or come up with a plan that works without getting anyone hurt. That’s why he’s a true alpha. However, Peter proves his point when he gives a hunter a gun in a bulletproof glass room in Eichen House and the hunter shoots at Scott repeatedly. No matter how hard Scott tries, the hunters will always hunt the supernatural.

After the hunters ruin Peter’s cars by trying to kill him, he joins Scott’s army. Of course, I’d like to think he was always going to join Scott’s army knowing Malia was going to fight by Scott’s side. This episode continues to show how much Peter cares about his daughter even with his sarcasm and witty comments. Not to mention, he also bought her a car, because, well, he loves her enough to buy her one. Finding out Malia is his daughter has changed Peter. Sure, he’s still his old self, but he has a soft side when it comes to Malia, and I love seeing that.

Teen Wolf Werewolves of London Scott McCall Lydia Miartin Malia Tate
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Other things you need to know about this season:

  • Theo stops Liam from wanting to kill Gabe. Although Gabe didn’t know it, the pair find out he’s been helping the Anuk-ite trying to find his other half. Then, they figure out Aaron is one half of the Anuk-ite.
  • Teen Wolf Werewolves of London Theo Raeken Liam Dunbar
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    Sheriff Stilinski explains to Ms. Monroe how selfish and dirty Gerard is. Instead of taking his word, Ms. Monroe still chooses to be on Gerard’s side because he’s going to win. (She shouldn’t under estimate Scott McCall!) Then, she decides she’s taking over the Sheriff’s station because – not only is he not doing his job properly – but also, because Sheriff Stilinski is helping the supernaturals instead of the hunters. Excuse me, but who does she think she is?!

  • Gabe was the one who fired a gun at Scott’s house, which injured Melissa, Agent McCall, Lydia, AND Mason! Gabe lied to Ms. Monroe, telling her Nolan was the one who fired the gun to save him from getting killed for not doing his job.
  • With her banshee powers, Lydia gets a message from Halwyn, the dead hellhound from the “Said the Spider to the Fly” episode. Lydia figures out he sent her to find the dead werewolves Scott and Malia were looking for because she needs to find the other half of Anuk-ite.
  • Lastly, Malia is in love with Scott.

Tune in next week as MTV will air two new back-to-back episodes of Teen Wolf at 8/7c.

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