‘Teen Wolf’ 6×14 & 6×15 Recap: Supernatural vs. Hunters

With the VMA’s night, MTV decided to air two back-to-back episodes of Teen Wolf this last Sunday. I had mixed feelings about this. It would certainly speed up its’ season, but then I thought to myself, ‘two episodes is better than one or none at all’. I was okay with it. However, after watching the two episodes, I was so not for it! So much happened, it was giving me anxiety!

The Lord Is Testing Me

With that being said, here’s what you’ll need to know what happened during these two episodes and what you’ll need to remember when Teen Wolf returns on September 3rd.

6×14: Face-to-Faceless

Before I recap the entire episode, there are two very important things that happened during the opening scene that you need to know about:

  1. Aaron goes to the hospital to see the faceless corpse in the morgue. Spiders come out of Aaron’s mouth and crawl into the faceless corpse’s body before Aaron collapse on the floor.
  2. Another werewolf gets a flat tire and hunters decided to “help” her. She fights them off with her werewolf abilities before a deputy shows up, only to shoot the werewolf with her gun.

Moving on…

Teen Wolf Face-to-Faceless Liam Dunbar
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Everyone in school knows about Liam, and everyone hates them (Scott and his pack) for saving their lives because they’re monsters, which is why he refuses to go to school. Scott convinces him to go to school with a Superman/Clark Kent analogy, otherwise more people will die. (Side note: Writers, I see what you did there!) Once Liam arrives at school, Mason convinces him to stay in school instead of leaving as that would give the entire school a reason to believe the rumors about Liam are true.

The lacrosse team doesn’t want Liam to be team captain anymore. When Coach Finstock notices the team called a meeting without him, Liam saves everyone from getting into trouble by saying he called it to make Nolan the new team captain. Liam lies to Coach about unable to keep up with his classes. However, that doesn’t stop the team from going after Liam. He hides in Ms. Monroe’s office when he hears Nolan coming for him. To stall time, Liam pretends to be there for some guidance, but finds out Ms. Monroe is not only a hunter, but is also the hunter who killed Brett and Lori.

Teen Wolf Face-to-Faceless Coach Finstock Liam Dunbar
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Mason and Corey try to hide Liam from the lacrosse team because they’re trying to make Liam shift in front of everyone. Nolan and Gabe beat up Liam in front of everyone in a classroom as the lacrosse team holds back Mason from stopping Nolan and Gabe. No one tries to stop the fight, including their science teacher, because they’re all scared of Liam. Liam takes all the punches and kicks that are given to him, and tries so hard not to shift. Then, Corey finally comes in with Coach Finstock, who stops the fight. He sends Nolan and Gabe to the principal’s office (I hope Lydia’s mom suspends them for hurting my puppy!) and tells everyone to get out of the room. He’s not afraid nor does he ask questions, he simply helps Liam, which makes me think he’s always known about the supernatural world.

Mason knows Liam took the beating because Liam thinks he deserved it after what happened to Brett and Lori. During their talk, Liam and Mason figure out Nolan and Gabe were only trying to expose Liam to give everyone a reason to hunt them all down.

Teen Wolf Face-to-Faceless Melissa McCall
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Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Chris know they’re facing a war with Gerard, Ms. Monroe, and the rest of the hunters. Scott wants a peace summit with Gerard and is willing to negotiate whatever it takes to stop this war. Chris offers to go as the messenger in hopes to work something out with his father. When Chris sees his father, he asks him, ”What’s the message I’m taking back?” Gerard answers, “You tell him to run.” The conversation with his father has Chris begging Melissa to have Scott and his friends to leave town, because Gerard isn’t willing to negotiate and wants genocide. Melissa refuses to let Scott run, because she’s never told him to do that before, and she certainly isn’t going to start now.

When Chris’ meeting with his father backfires, Lydia begs Ms. Monroe to arrange a peace submit with Gerard. When that also fails, Scott decides to go meet with Gerard by himself and convince him they’re not the enemy. Too scared Scott will get hurt, Malia tries to stop him, which causes them to be confused about what exactly they’re talking about: their feelings towards each other or Scott’s safety.

Meanwhile, at the station, Jordan has flashbacks of the hellhound being killed, which happens to be his fear, being killed. He’s literally shaking with fear and walking around, until he opens a door and sees the faceless corpse. It disappears when Sherriff Stilinski stops Jordan from shooting it. Since Sherriff Stilinski saw nothing, he knows Jordan did and he asks Jordan to tell him everything.

Jordan and Sherriff Stilinski go to Melissa to see the faceless corpse at the morgue. Melissa says it’s impossible the body escaped as it’s securely locked. However, when she unlocks the door, they find the body is missing. When Jordan and Sheriff Stilinski arrive back at the station, they talk about the faceless corpse. They consider the faceless corpse is what might have been what escaped during The Wild Hunt and how it somehow causes people to feel scared. They believe that’s probably the reason why the rats and wolves killed each other. Jordan thinks that’s how they’re supposed to end, everyone killing each other out of fear.

When Scott arrives, he finds out Gerard isn’t behind creating an army; it’s Ms. Monroe and Scott has to negotiate with her. She’s out for revenge because she believes Scott and his kind don’t care about saving the humans and care more about keeping their secret hidden. Scott doesn’t understand why she believes that until she explains her story.

Ms. Monroe and a few other teachers were there the night The Beast attacked the school during the charity lacrosse game, but she was the only one that wasn’t killed by The Beast. She was barely alive and pretended to be dead by hiding under her dead co-worker when The Beast came back. Scott and Jordan were there when it happened, but they didn’t bother to check if anyone else was still alive. Ms. Monroe explains Scott has let 12 people die in the process of trying to stop all the evil supernatural creatures from the past and the hunters she recruited are people who were related to the 12 people that died.

Teen Wolf Face-to-Faceless Malia Tate Lydia Martin Scott McCall

Lydia knows the faceless corpse is in the tunnels with them and is amplifying their fear. The hunters are scared of the supernatural, because the faceless corpse is making the hunters scared of them. When Lydia says the faceless corpse is here, the hunters start shooting at it, while Scott, Malia, and Lydia try to figure out what to do. Jordan shows up as Lydia’s back up plan. The bullets do nothing to Jordan as he charges towards the faceless corpse. He places a lit emergency flare on himself while holding the faceless corpse with his other hand, burning them both. Only Jordan survives, but obviously, so did the faceless corpse as he appears in the next episode.

In the end, it’s revealed Ms. Monroe may be the one giving out the orders, but it’s Gerard that’s feeding her ideas on how to run the war. Also, the werewolf from the beginning shows up at Scott’s house and explains it was a deputy that tried to kill her. Scott, Lydia, and Malia realize Ms. Monroe has everyone working for her and are against the supernaturals.

Teen Wolf Pressure Test Theo Raeken
GIF Credit: dianasprxnce.tumblr.com

6×15: Pressure Test

A hunter tortures Theo and two other werewolves, Tierney and Jiang, by electrocuting them. Theo is willing to give whatever the hunter wants as he’s not associated with the other two werewolves. When the hunter doesn’t want anything in return, Theo taunts the hunter to keep electrocuting them, knowing the ties around their hands is getting loose. Theo shifts, breaks free from the ties, and attacks the hunter.

After tying up the hunter against the fence and leaving him for dead, Theo decides to take Tierney and Jiang to Scott, as they are the only two werewolves left in Satomi’s pack. (Yes, the hunters killed Satomi!) However, before they could get into the hunter’s car, Sheriff Stilinski stops them and they get arrested for murder. Once they get locked up, Theo tricks Tierney and Jiang into confessing they did commit murder knowing Sherriff Stilinski is watching through the security cameras. The confession sets Theo free.

Scott tries to convince Sherriff Stilinski to release Tierney and Jiang as they were defending themselves from hunters. Sherriff Stilinski can’t do that as technically they admitted to the crime of killing “innocent” people. Malia argues one of his deputies is working with the hunters, but Sheriff Stilinski doesn’t believe it. As they continue to debate about both situations, Ms. Monroe and her hunters show up at the station. While, Sherriff Stilinski is trying to reason with Ms. Monroe, Scott and his pack decide they’re getting Tierney and Jiang out of the jail cell, and fight against the hunters.

Meanwhile at Eichen House, Deaton hopes to find some answers about what’s been going on around Beacon Hills. As he walks closer to a room, he senses fear and he knows it’s not real, as if someone is forcing him to be scared. Once he walks into the room, he fights the fear in order to find something, anything that would help him. He walks out of the room with a piece of the wall that has some sort of weird drawing on it. He’s not sure what it means, but he knows it’s something.

Teen Wolf Pressure Test Dr. Alan Deaton
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Corey is scared of the war knowing his side will win and not Mason’s. Worrying how things might end with the war, Mason knows everything that’s going on is driven by fear. In order to find out exactly what’s happening, they need to find the root of what started it. Mason and Corey break into the animal clinic, but get caught by Deaton. They exchange their thoughts about what escaped from The Wild Hunt and how the boys believe it has to do with fear. Deaton thought the same thing and admits he didn’t find anything other than the piece of wall he got from Eichen House with only half of the drawing. Corey asks if the other half of the drawing would help as he can see it with his supernatural powers. He draws the other half of the picture, giving Deaton everything he needs to know.

What escaped The Wild Hunt is called the Anuk-ite. Deaton explains, “It’s an ancient shape shifter, a creature of disharmony. It can turn neighbor against neighbor, sowing the seeds of discord and hate. It doesn’t need fangs; it doesn’t need claws. It uses something far more sinister. (Fear.) When paranoia turns to anger, anger turns to violence, entire communities tear themselves apart. The creature feeds off the fear and grows more powerful. Anuk-ite is sometimes also called the Double Face or Two-Faces. One’s beautiful and the other is hideous, which is why it represents disharmony and discord. Two faces may mean two creatures and when they come together, they’ll be unstoppable.”

Teen Wolf Pressure Test Scott McCall Malia Tate Lydia Martin and Liam Dunbar
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Back at the station, Ms. Monroe only wants Tierney and Jiang, dead or alive, and she’s giving Sherriff Stilinski until midnight to hand them over before the hunters charge into the station. While trying to get help, Lydia figures out someone inside the station has disrupted the law enforcement transceiver and cut the power off. An officer finds Nolan and Sheriff Stilinski orders two officers to arrest him. Except, that was all part of Ms. Monroe’s plan as Nolan was a distraction while an officer sets off a grenade inside the station. During the commotion, Nolan frees himself from the handcuffs to kill Tierney and Jiang with wolfsbane, only to be stopped by Liam before that could happen. Liam finds out Tierney and Jiang killed the hunters out of revenge for killing their family. It wasn’t self-defense.

After finding two officers who killed themselves out of fear thanks to the faceless corpse, Scott doesn’t know what to do without killing anyone and trying to save everyone at the same time. Sheriff Stilinski tells Scott that in a war, whether they’re innocent or not, you’re going to have to kill. With the two dead officers, Scott comes up with a plan to use them pretending they’re Tierney and Jiang for Ms. Monroe to have. Before Ms. Monroe catches Scott’s lie, Agent McCall shows up to take the real Tierney and Jiang to federal prison, as it’s the only to de-escalate the situation. Realizing he has no other choice, Scott decides it’s best for all the supernatural creatures to leave Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf Pressure Test Mason Hewitt
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In the end, Mason begs Corey to stay. When he says no, Mason asks to go with Corey to help protect him and his friends, but Corey won’t let him come. Corey says, “this time, let me protect you.”

The federal driver that’s taking Tierney and Jiang to prison turns out to be a hunter and kills them. Nolan apologizes to Ms. Monroe for not getting his job done. Ms. Monroe asks Nolan if she should be worried about him. He says no. Lastly, during math class Mason is distracted from solving a problem on the blackboard. He sees “Animal Clinic” written on the blackboard, obviously a note from invisible Corey. When Mason arrives at the animal clinic, he sees everyone there, Scott and his pack. Everyone lied to make the hunters believe they left town, as running away was never the plan. Their plan is to fight back.

Teen Wolf Pressure Test Scott McCall
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