Riverdale: Please Don’t Sink My Ship

Whether they are actual couples or your imagination is running wild, this is probably the show with the most ships. Here’s a rundown of my favorite and least favorite Riverdale couples.

Riverdale has taken a lot of unexpected turns and Archie and Valerie was one of them. This was a ship that I never saw coming. Valerie is a minor character that I thought wouldn’t say more than two words. I loved that the brown girl with the big beautiful hair, who was floating in the background, was dating Archie. Sadly, as quickly as this relationship started, it ended. Here’s a tip: when you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t be accepting gifts from another girl or escorting her to events. As much as I wish Valarie would have forgiven Archie, I respect her decision to break up.

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My least favorite ship, though most would disagree, is Archie and Veronica. At the beginning of the season, I loved that Veronica wasn’t willing to risk her new friendship with Betty over Archie. Yes, she kissed him in the closet at Cheryl’s party, but she regretted it and apologized to Betty right away. When Archie only wanted to be friends with Betty, I said Archie was missing out and Betty deserved better than him. In reality, no one should be mad that Archie didn’t feel the same for Betty. You can’t help who you like. But since the first episode, I was against Archica. Even though Bughead is together, and Betty and Archie are better apart, I would still prefer a single Veronica.

The Betty and Veronica ship started on episode one. The moment Veronica Lodge kissed Betty Cooper during the cheerleading tryouts it was over. Then, immediately after, Veronica stood up to Cheryl for Betty, Beronica became endgame. Veronica just met Betty hardly 24 hours before, but she defended Betty when Betty wasn’t able to defend herself yet. Over the season, Betty has grown because of their friendship. She stands up for what she wants and doesn’t shy away anymore. The writers may say Betty and Veronica are just friends, but their scenes together say otherwise.

There’s one ship, if you can even call it a ship, that everyone agrees is completely and utterly wrong and that’s Archie and Ms. Grundy. No one likes them. A sophomore and his teacher having a sexual relationship is something everyone can ban together and hate. This relationship ended pretty fast in the show, and thank God it did.

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are my OTP. When the show started, I assumed Betty’s love interest was going to be Archie. Jughead wasn’t even on my radar. He was the odd loner in the background. If the show would have remained true to the comics, Jughead would have hardly looked Betty’s way. He would be too focused on his hamburgers. I am extremely happy the writers didn’t go that route. They both have helped each other so much

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over season one. While Archie was worried about his music and Veronica was worried about her father, Bughead has been looking out for each other. Betty believed Jughead about his father when everyone assumed he had something to do with Jason’s murder. Jughead helped Betty deal with her controlling parents and get through all the issues with her sister. Bughead is the relationship everyone dreams of having. Well, at least me anyway.

The awesome thing about Riverdale is you can ship anybody with anyone and not be wrong. Betty and Archie: even though I’m against it, if you love it, great. Ronnie and Archiekins: awesome. Betty and Jughead: Bughead always and forever. Archie and Valerie: I love Archierie. Cheryl and Veronica: Whatever floats your boat. B and V: who doesn’t love two people who were after the same guy, now after each other?

Honorable mentions

Here are some ships that didn’t make it as my favorite or least favorite, but still deserve a little shine.

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Archie and Cheryl: the two gingers on the show. Let’s be honest, they look good together. Then again, who wouldn’t look good with KJ Apa or Madelaine Petsch on their arm?

Jughead and Archie: best friends for life. In episode two where Archie is apologizing to Jughead, some interpret it as more than just friends. Archie says “Yeah, but as friends right.” Then Jughead said “To be discussed. Over many burgers, over many days.” This may not mean much, but to a professional shipper, this sounds like a date.

Kevin and Joaquine: the sheriff’s son and the bad boy. Everybody loves the cliché star crossed lovers’ storyline.

The second season of Riverdale premieres Wednesday, October 11th at 8/7c on the CW.


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