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There is nothing worse than losing your shows, whether the series is coming to an end or the network decided to cancel the show. Around May, TV lovers worry which shows will stay, get the boot, or coming to end with one final season. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone is losing as many shows as I am. One show already wrapped up its’ series, another will air their final ten episodes starting this Sunday, 5 shows got cancelled, and 2 will have their final season next year. That’s a total of 9 shows! NINE! What am I going to do with my life?!

Below are my thoughts and opinions on my shows ending and the news of their cancellation.

(Warning: this post contains spoilers if you have not caught up with the shows.)

Series Finales

The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

The thing about shows coming to an end is the fans want nothing more than a perfect ending. It’s very rare that happens. Sometimes fans will get what they want. Sometimes fans get upset because the ending wasn’t what they expected or wanted. Then, sometimes fans get a combination of both. It’s never the perfect ending. I’ve never seen a perfect series finale… until The Vampire Diaries.

For me personally, this was the best series finale I’ve ever seen. Granted, it sucked Stefan died, but Stefan saw how far Damon has come since they became vampires and sacrificed himself to give his brother a chance at the life he deserved, especially with Elena when she would return, which she did! All the storylines wrapped up. None were left unsaid or with a cliffhanger, with the exception of Caroline receiving a letter from Klaus. I have no doubt Klaroline fans want to see what will happen next between those two on The Originals. Then, Delena got their happy ending, and almost everyone who had been on the show, came back one last time. I’ve watched the finale several times since it aired and I can’t get over how beautiful it was. I still cry every time I see it. It was indeed, the perfect ending.

Teen Wolf (MTV)

Teen Wolf returns this Sunday with their final ten episodes. I don’t want to say too much about this, as I’ve already briefly stated how I felt during my recaps, and I have no doubt I’ll continue to express all my emotions while seeing the last ten episodes in my recaps/reviews. Instead, I’ll leave you with the video above and we can cry together.

Cancelled Shows 

Girl Meets World Girl Meets Goodbye
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Girl Meets World (Disney Channel)

If you followed my Girl Meets World posts, then you’d know how much I loved this show. So, when I found out Disney Channel canceled one of their best shows, I was sad. However, I had hopes the show would be saved by another network. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out either. So, this cancellation hurt the most. I grew up watching Boy Meets World. I learned more about life and the world in that 30-minute sitcom. When Girl Meets World happened, I was scared it wouldn’t reach the bar Boy Meets World set. Except, it did. Although, I’m an adult now, I still have a lot to learn and sometimes as adults we have to refresh our memory about the things we did learn. That’s exactly what Girl Meets World did. It reminded me of all the things I already knew and learned, but it also made me see things differently now that I’m older. It was a good show for kids and it’s a shame kids today won’t get seven years (or even longer) worth of amazing life lessons by Michael Jacobs.

Freeform's Baby Daddy
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Baby Daddy (FreeForm)

When Miranda told me the news Freeform canceled Baby Daddy, I was completely shocked. I didn’t understand how in the world a six year show – who just won a People’s Choice Award – got the boot. In my opinion, this was FreeForm’s best comedy show. Like the Disney Channel, they made a mistake of letting go of an amazing show.

I don’t think I’ll ever find another family comedy show with amazing chemistry between the entire cast, and great script writing that created fun and realistic storylines. Although they weren’t expecting to end their journey so soon, the show did not end on a cliffhanger. Danny and Riley’s son was born, Ben finally found the one, Emma was a happy baby regardless what would happen between Ben and Elle, Tucker and Bonnie were happy with their significant others. No matter what happens between them, they’ll always be there for each other because that’s what family does.

FOX's Pitch Ginny Baker Mike Lawson
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Last summer, I fell in love with PITCH‘s pilot episode when ATX TV Festival showed an advance screening during their festival. I tuned in every week when the show premiered in the fall, but I was a little worried it only had 10 episodes for its’ first season. Having that little amount of episodes for a season is never a good thing. There’s a bigger chance the season won’t be picked up. I don’t know exactly what happened or  what were FOX’s reason(s) to cancel the show, but I’m extremely bummed about this cancellation, especially since it ended with a cliffhanger. Now we’ll never find out what would have happened to Jenny and her arm injury, and her relationship with Mike. Although a woman playing Major League Baseball is what the show is about, those two cliffhangers would have been great storylines if they had a season two. We would see what a baseball player goes through with an injury during the middle of the season, especially when Jenny’s career was just taking off and making history. Furthermore, it would have been interesting to see two baseball players having some sort of conflicted romance. They would not only have to figure out their feelings for each other, but also learn how to keep their relationship away from the game. It’s sad I won’t get to see that. Is there any PITCH fan-fiction out there?

Last Man Standing Mike Baxter Helen Potts

Last Man Standing (ABC)

This cancellation shocked me too! It was totally unexpected! Especially with six seasons and over 100 episodes. I loved this show. It was sort of filled the void of missing Tim Allen’s Home Improvement. This show was completely the opposite. Instead of having a tool television show and living in a house with a wife and three boys, Allen’s character worked for an outdoor company and lived in a house filled with women, including raising a teenage daughter who got pregnant in high school. Although the two shows were completely different, they had the same concept, the joys, up and downs, and drama that comes from a loving family household. It was a cute and funny show. I’m just extremely bummed this show got cancelled and now I have no idea what to watch Friday nights.

Scream Queens Dr. Cassidy Cascade Dr. Brock Holt

Scream Queens (FOX)

I’m not surprised this show got cancelled. I absolutely loved the first season. It was stupid, yet hysterical. It was a fantastic comedy show. When the second season returned, I was excited to see John Stamos and Taylor Launter joining the show with some of the original cast members from the first season. However, after the first few episodes, I got bored. Eventually I lost interest and gave up on the show. I didn’t even bother to DVR the episodes to watch later on. It just wasn’t the same. Something about it was off. So I’m perfectly okay with this show ending. To the fans who aren’t, my sympathies. I know how hard it is to lose one your favorite shows so soon.

Announced for a final season

New Girl Nick Jess Schmidt Wiston

New Girl (FOX)

I had a hunch New Girl could be cancelled. It didn’t help that Jake had previously stated they weren’t coming back. I was prepared for this show to end, especially how season 6 ended. Everything ended on a good note, giving the fans what they wanted, and the characters being happy with the next chapters of their lives. FOX decided to pick up New Girl for a seventh and final season with only 8 episodes. I was excited at first, but then I was worried. It ended on a good note. I don’t want things to be rushed within the 8 final episodes.

ABC's Scandal President Fitzgerald Grant Olivia Pope
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Scandal (ABC)

Although the show isn’t ending this year, ABC announced its’ 7th season will be its swan song. I used to like this show. I binged watched the first two seasons on Netflix and then watched it live. Then, about halfway through season 5, I gave up on the show. I was tired of the same drama with the love triangle between Olivia, Fitz, and Jake. I will admit the other crazy drama the show had at the beginning of the series had my attention, but I fell more in love with the love triangle storyline. Then, I noticed it was the same thing over and over again. I was tired of seeing Olivia go back and forth between both men. As well, I got bored with the other drama happening outside of the love triangle. So I gave up. I’m not bummed about this show cancelling either, but for those who do watch it and are either sad and/or angry the show coming to an end, I completely understand. It was a good show and the plot twists were always shocking and unexpected. However, this won’t be the last of Shonda Rhimes. She’s too good not to be on television. Maybe her new Grey’s Anatomy spin off show will fill the Scandal hole shape in your heart.

What favorite shows of yours got canceled? Share in the comment box below.

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