Teen Wolf ‘Ghosted’ Recap: What the heck happened?!

I was very excited for Teen Wolf‘s return, especially since Cody Christian was coming back to reprise his role as Theo Raeken. However, “Ghosted” gave us a few answers, but left us completely confused and asking more questions, which isn’t what I expected or wanted from its return.

Teen Wolf Ghosted Lydia Martin Scott McCall Malia Tate
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After last week’s episode, Scott, Lydia, and Malia go to Canaan to see what happened to the town after Stiles told them to remember the name. While exploring the “ghost” town, they learned everyone was taken away and turned into a Ghost Rider 30 years ago. Everyone except for one person named Lenore, because she’s a banshee, who happens to be the only person still living in Canaan.

Teen Wolf Ghosted Theo Raeken
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Meanwhile, Liam decides to bring back Theo in hopes to use his electricity powers he stole from Josh to catch one of The Ghost Riders. Except, Theo doesn’t have those powers anymore or Tracy’s, causing Liam to want to send Theo back until Theo gives him a reason to stay. He remembers Stiles and knows about The Ghost Riders, which Liam believes having him around might be helpful.

In the end, Scott, Lydia, Malia figure out what The Ghost Riders are planning on doing. They’re trying to make Beacon Hills the next Canaan and leave Lydia all alone. The trio wants to stop that from happening, but before they can decide what to do next, they get an unexpected surprise they have to deal with first, Theo.

Teen Wolf Ghosted Malia Tate Scott McCall Lenore
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Although my mini recap makes it seem like the episode was easy to watch and nothing about it was confusing, it totally was. The visit to Canaan, it’s history, and the hallucinations Lydia, Scott, and Malia had, threw everything off for me. I think (and you’re more than welcome to correct me if I’m wrong or state your theories in the comment box below) somehow the people that disappeared in Canaan became Ghost Riders. They were taken away the same way The Ghost Riders has been taking the people from Beacon Hills, which would explain why we saw so many of them the night of the lacrosse game a couple of episodes back. Then we learned the people of Canaan became Ghost Riders because they had their souls taken away.

Teen Wolf Ghosted Lydia Martin
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What’s heartbreaking about this is everyone was taken away except for the banshee because they’re meant to be alone. The look on Lydia’s face when she realizes she doesn’t want to be left behind and wants to bring Stiles home broke my heart into pieces. I had tears in my eyes because we know how many people she already lost and the look in her eyes show she doesn’t want to lose everyone else. This just shows what an amazing actress Holland Roden is.

This entire season, she has been killing it. Her performance portrays just how strong and connected Lydia is to Stiles. Lydia feels a huge part of her missing and that part is Stiles. Roden demonstrates that every time Lydia does everything she can to find Stiles; every time she breaks down when no one believes her when she says Stiles is real because deep in her heart she knows he is, and she never gives up when everyone is telling her to. Roden deserve some sort of award for her outstanding performance this season, and this is only the beginning! We still have the rest of the season to watch and I can’t wait to see her knocking it out of the park after every episode.

Lastly, I’ve decided to end this recap with a bunch of questions I had while watching ‘Ghosted’. Feel free to add your questions, answer one of my questions, or share your theories and thoughts about my questions or about the show in the comment box below.

  • Why was Theo a part of Malia’s hallucination? Why does Theo remember being a part of her hallucination? Is Canaan somehow connected to the hell Theo’s been in the past three months?

    Teen Wolf Ghosted Malia Tate Theo Raeken
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  • Why was Mr. Douglas so set on sending Theo back? Is it because Theo knows him and possibly has some sort of leverage to use against Mr. Douglas? Or is it because given their history with The Dread Doctors (which we still don’t know too much about), maybe Theo coming back could possibly ruin whatever plan Mr. Douglas already has in mind?
  • Why is Claudia so shady?! She always managed to find and stop Lydia from tearing down the wallpaper, but when Sheriff Stilinski does it, she’s nowhere near to stop him. Does she secretly have something against Lydia because she’s a banshee and is supposed to be alone if Beacon Hills is going to be the next Canaan? Or does her evil plan include Noah tearing down the wallpaper to see what’s behind it? (Which happens to be Stiles’ bedroom!)

    Teen Wolf Ghosted
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  • If the people in Canaan became a Ghost Rider because they had their souls taken away, what’s the reason why they’re taking people from Beacon Hills? If they were trying to make Beacon Hills the next Canaan, wouldn’t they have already taken everyone’s souls once they were taken? If not, then why keep Stiles and the rest of the people at the train station held as hostages?
  • Speaking of becoming a Ghost Rider because their soul was taken away, is this somehow connected to Mr. Douglas, who eats pineal glands, which is like a soul in the human body? Is Mr. Douglas working with The Ghost Riders?
  • WHY A CREEPY DEAD CHILD?! Out of ALL the supernatural creatures and villains this show has had for the past six seasons, why must they terrify us with a creepy dead kid? Creepy dead children scare the crap out of me and I was without a doubt watching the creepy dead kid’s scenes with my eyes covered and peeking through the gaps between my fingers. Is this the last of him because I can’t take another episode with him in it?

MTV’s Teen Wolf airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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