Ranking all of the couples in “Love Actually”

I love Love Actually. It’s that time of the year so I’ve already watched it a handful of times. This list is definitive and correct, from worst to best. There’s no arguing with it and changes will not be made. (Changes will probably be made because I can’t ever make up my mind.) 14. Harry […]

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A Revenge Fan’s Guide to Season 4, so far…

Let me guess, you used to watch Revenge, but then it got ridiculous and you stopped. Am I right? I’m not judging, if so. In fact, I understand. The red sharpie is gone, sexy Aiden is dead and now that Daniel and Emily are divorced, the show just ain’t what it used to be. While […]

Nashville First to Have a Second Chance Rayna Jaymes

Nashville Mid-Season Recap: First to Have a Second Chance

                                      If you really thought Rayna would actually go through with it and marry Luke, you’re out of your mind. In the beginning, Rayna’s facial expressions looked like she knew she was making a mistake by saying […]

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Catching Up on TV in 2015

Tis the season to watch Christmas movies, ranging from classics (It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas) to the cheesy (aka, anything on the Hallmark channel). Tis the season to also start conjuring up a list of which shows to finally start watching in 2015. With Parenthood ending, I will officially be down one show to […]

Girl Meets World Girl Meets Home for the Holidays Shawn Hunter Cory Matthews

GMW “Girl Meets Home for the Holidays” Review: Shawn is Back!

For years, Boy Meets World Cory and Shawn has been the GREATEST best friends in television history. Their relationship has always been unique. They grew up together and were inseparable. These two kids are complete opposites and come different backgrounds, but it’s what made them best friends. With their cool handshakes, in sync snoring pattern, […]

Nashville You’re Lookin’ at Country Juliette Barnes Emily

Nashville “Two Sides to Every Story” Recap: Juliette Stalks Avery

This week’s Nashville had one of it’s funniest storylines out of it’s three seasons. I’m referring to Juliette stalking Avery out of jealously. It was not only hilarious because of how accurate the writers got it or Hayden Panettiere mastered the role, but because it was just down right funny. Girls tend to get crazy […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. 2×08, “Assignment of the Year”

Chicago P.D. has been on a three week break- which I think I’d be more upset about if they’d left off on a stronger episode than “Assignment of the Year.” It’s not that the episode was a bad one, but it was more unfortunate circumstances than anything else. The episode was one-dimensional in that it […]

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TV’s Memorable Minor Characters

I recently started re-watching Gilmore Girls again on Netflix Instant (like a million other people did, as soon as Netflix announced the release) and have been enjoying being sucked back into the Star Hollows world. While evaluating my emotions towards the show the second time around (with new age bracket and work/personal experiences to change […]

Nashville You're Lookin' At Country Luke Wheeler Rayna Jaymes

Nashville Recap: You’re Lookin’ at Country

CMAs is the biggest award show in country music and ABC’s Nashville has included CMAs into show once again, except not everyone is enjoying the show, or even there. This episode gave the viewers a small insight of how the CMAs show runs with a touch of Nashville’s drama. This episode was good, but not […]

the pimple kevin arnold

The Wonder Years: “The Pimple”

This episode was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing throughout the episode,  which is rare when I watch the show. Normally, the episodes have a good blend of sentimentality, drama, and comedy, so the laughs are once in a while. In this instance,  every scene was humorous as I watched Kevin try to navigate his first […]