The Vampire Diaries Woke Up With a Monster Damon Salvatore Kai Parker

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Woke Up with a Monster

The Vampire Diaries returned Thursday night from its winter hiatus and although I’m very excited the show is back, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with its returning episode. Before Thursday night’s episode, Kai stole the magic that kept all supernatural from Mystic Falls. With all that magic, Kai has to learn how to use it correctly […]

Original Bravermans

Parenthood “Made it through the Night”

It wouldn’t be Parenthood if  Jordan and Sarita weren’t crying or Adam weren’t Crosby bickering.  Jordan and Sarita live blogged the second to last episode.  We still are not prepared for next week’s series finale. Sarita Muley: Gahhh!  Starts right now.  The Adam /Crosby bickering – I’m going to miss that so much. Jordan Hickman: […]

Joelia reunite

Parenthood: “Let’s Go Home”

The 100th episode was sweet, but this episode was sweeter, mostly because of the Joel and Julia awkwardness of course. While watching Joel and Julia re-connect, I felt I was watching how they fell in love the first time. From the happy smiles when they talked to how they looked at each other (Joel especially […]

The Vampire Diaries Christmas Through Your Eyes Sheriff Liz Forbes Caroline Forbes

TVD Recap: Refresh your minds before TVD returns this Thursday!

I hope you guys enjoyed your winter break from school and/or work, I know I have. As much as I don’t want my winter break to end, I’m so glad all my shows are coming back from almost a month long hiatus. TVD returns tomorrow night and I though I’d refresh your minds by recapping […]

The Good Wife Cary Agos in Hail Mary

The Good Wife, “Hail Mary” and “The Debate” Reviews

It’s hard for me to separate “Hail Mary” from “The Debate” at this point. The former had moments of charm, of course: it’s hard not to love The Wire alum Domenick Lombardozzi as a brash prison consultant telling Cary how to defend himself when he’s locked up. The frantic cuts between Alicia preparing for the […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. 2×10, “Shouldn’t Have Been Alone”

After a brief hiatus that drove most of us zany (IS BURGESS ALIVE?!!? IS LINDSAY REALLY LEAVING?!!?), Chicago P.D. returned this week with quite a bang. Every week, I think Chicago P.D. cannot get any more action-packed, but then the next week happens and I’m left speechless and not knowing where to start. The  winter […]


Parenthood “How Did We Get Here” Live-blog

Once again, Jordan and Sarita live blogged tonight’s outstanding Parenthood episode, “How Did We Get Here.” This was also the 100th episode. Can you believe our little show has been on this long yet is almost over? Sad days ahead. Hope you enjoy our chat! Sarita M – 8:54 PM Hi there! Jordan Hickman – […]

mr collins the wonder years

Wonder Years: “Math Class Squared”

I held off watching this episode for awhile after reading the Netflix synopsis of the episode: To try and get ahead in math class, Kevin decides to cheat on his test, leading only to bigger problems.  After seeing Kevin struggle in math earlier this season (see refresher here) and then ask for help (which was […]


2015 Movies – The 40 Most Anticipated Films

Hey everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Funny story. I was sitting at my laptop trying to finish grades and my lesson plans when I realized the program we use at work wasn’t….working. “Oh, my lord, what heavens am I to do with my life?” I thought, right? Thankfully there’s the internet…and google…and msn and I came […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. 2×09, “Called In Dead”

I’ve put off this recap in hopes of coming to terms with the midseason finale’s ending, but it never happened. I’m going to apologize in advance if I come across like a whiny child for the duration of this recap. Chicago P.D. is twisty-turny, intense and action-packed by default, but the show’s midseason finale was […]