the operative

Madam Secretary: “The Operative”

Madam Secretary’s third episode, “The Operative”  exceeded my expectations.  The writers and producers did a better job in executing a captivating storyline than they did in the first two episodes. While  I was skeptical how realistic one scenario would be in real life – foreign policy depending upon a school grade- the principle behind it […]


Scandal “Like Father, Like Daughter” Recap

Scandal. Is. Back. Thursday night’s episode of Scandal “Like Father, Like Daughter” was so good. It truly was appointment television. It had everything a gladiator could ask for;  Jake almost dying, a case of the week, Olitz and amazing monologues. I’m ready to talk all about it. So lets get started. This might be along […]

The Vampire Diaries Welcome to Paradise Caroline Forbes Stefan Salvatore

TVD “Welcome to Paradise ” Recap: Steroline needs to happen!

  Steroline Caroline has finally hit her breaking point with Stefan. Last week she was hurt to see Stefan have a completely new life. Not only was she not apart of it, but also she’s more hurt that he didn’t even tell her about any of it, including his new (now dead) girlfriend. This week, […]

Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire, episode 3x04- Apologies are dangerous. Photo Credit: NBC

Chicago Fire 3×04, “Apologies are Dangerous”

This week’s Chicago Fire was so scatterbrained that I am experiencing sympathy scatterbrainedness trying to describe it. There was good action, but there was also not so good action that still has me a bit puzzled. As you can tell, I’m so puzzled that I’m not even really sure how to open this recap. The […]

kalends from the good wife

The Good Wife, “Oppo Research” Review

Let’s talk about Kalinda. There is plenty of other stuff that happened in the episode: Alicia finally went all-in on running for State’s Attorney, with Eli’s presentation of her opposition research drudging up all her family’s old (and new) secrets; a surprising lack of Cary Agos; Lemond Bishop, Super PAC leader; Grace’s church choir; Finn […]

Scandal Olivia Pope Rowan gif

Scandal ” Inside the Bubble” Review

Hi gladiators! Thank you so much for reading my inaugural recap, commenting and sending me feedback. I really appreciate it! Speaking of feedback, @gilvan2416 on twitter asked me why I didn’t mention Fitz’s gun control speech in my previous recap. Looking back on it I missed the perfect opportunity to gush about my favorite pretend […]

Awkward. Bonfire of the Vanities Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. “Bonfire of the Vanities” Recap: Insecurities are loud

Truthfully, I was not expecting this episode to turn out the way it did. The Awkward promo completely mislead me. Jenna and Tamara learn from Sadie the jocks have rated every girl they’ve slept with and put the results in a hidden phonebook. With the help of Jake and Val’s clues, Tamara finds the book […]

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Chicago P.D.- 2×03: “The Weigh Station”

Right when I thought things couldn’t get anymore action-packed, this episode happened. Fresh off last week’s cliffhanger, episode 2×03 picked up right where 2×02 left off. The episode was even more Halstead-centric than its predecessor, but that’s a positive as Jesse Lee Soffer’s performances have been fantastic. A small touch that I loved was that the episode began […]