Nashville Somebody Pick Up My Piece Rayna Jaymes Bucky

‘Nashville’ Recap: “Somebody Pick Up My Pieces”

Following the news of Jeff being fired, Edgehill is no longer in business. The company has decided to close down the recording label for good, which means all Edgehill artists are free from their contracts and any of their finished recorded masters are up for purchase. This is very good news for Rayna and her […]

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The Night Shift 2×01, “Recovery”

We’re back, and oh, crap- T.C. is already rappelling down a mountain. Well, that escalated quickly. Somehow, a child has gotten himself into a bind and is lying in some sort of canyon with a broken leg. T.C.’s objective is to rappel down the mountain, stabilize the injury and then ascend the mountain with the […]

Royal Pains on USA Network

Things We Love – February Edition

Things We Love is a place for the contributors of Really Late Reviews to let you know what we’ve been enjoying in pop culture this month. From joyous comedies to psychological dramas to country albums, Things We Love is a way to discover some new gems and re-discover some old favorites. Like this:Like Loading…

The Vampire Diaries Let Her Go Damon Salvatore

TVD Recap: Let Her Go

Warning: This post contains videos from the episode. If you have not seen the episode “Let Her Go” and wish to be spoiler free, do not play the videos below. Flipping the Switch Caroline organized to have her mother’s funeral faster than expected. Like the good friends that she has, they all helped, and got […]

Nashville I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong Rayna Jaymes

‘Nashville’ Recap: “I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong”

Last week, Nashville ended with Jeff threatening Teddy to reveal his relationship with the prostitute if Teddy didn’t sign a recording contract for Maddie as recording artist at EdgeHill. This week we see the outcome of that situation. Rayna found out about the news when she received a gift that was for Maddie at her […]

The Vampire Diaries Stay

TVD “Stay” Recap: Saying Goodbye

If you have not seen the latest TVD episode, please do not continue to read. This post contains SPOILERS!   The promo for this episode said, “One chapter ends, another begins.” It couldn’t have been anymore accurate. In Thursday’s episode, TVD says goodbye to not one, but TWO characters, Little Jeremy Gilbert and Sheriff Liz […]

The Last Five Years movie with Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick

“The Last Five Years” – Movie Review

  Jamie is over and where can I turn? Covered with scars I did nothing to earn. Maybe there’s somewhere a lesson to learn… But that wouldn’t change the fact, That wouldn’t speed the time. And I’m Still hurting. – “Still Hurting,” The Last Five Years “The Last Five Years” opens on a blue-gray New […]

Nashville I've Got Reasons to Hate You Deacon Claybourne Beverly O'Connor Scarlett O'Connor

ABC’s Nashville “I’ve Got Reasons to Hate You” Recap: Family Matters

Towards the end of last week ABC’s Nashville episode, Scarlett called her mother, Beverly. On this past week’s episode, we find out why we called her and my prediction was right. Scarlett had called her mother for a “visit”. When in reality Scarlett wanted Beverly to take the test to find out if she was […]