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MTV’s “The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros” Premiere Review

Incase you missed my previous post, I’m a huge fan of MTV’s The Challenge. It’s a show I always look forward to, which is why I was surprised to see a new mini-season the week after The Challenge: Invasion ended. The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros is a six week season where some of The Challenge […]

MTV's The Challenge: Invasion The Champs

MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions’ Review

MTV’s The Challenge finished two weeks ago with the reunion show airing last week and when I first found out about this season, I was excited y’all! The Challenge is my favorite reality show on MTV and I’ve watched it for so long, I can’t remember which season I started with. However, I remember watching […]

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Riverdale: It’s the Archie Comics, but with MURDER!

That’s how I describe Riverdale to anyone who doesn’t watch the show. My first experience with “the typical American teenager” Archie Andrews was reading the funnies in the newspaper. Now if you were expecting regular high school drama, you don’t know The CW. The main storyline throughout season one surrounds Jason Blossom’s death. At first […]

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“Something Beautiful” Book Review

“Sometimes goodbye is a second chance. Clears your head, and, anyway… missing someone makes you remember why you loved them in the first place.” – Something Beautiful As you may or may not know, over the last year, I have read and reviewed each of Jamie McGuire’s Maddox series, which I’m kind of obsessed with. […]

Photo from the episode "Army of One"

Chicago PD 4×22 Review: Frustratingly Frustrating

The Good… Season 4 has outdone previous seasons with the cases in each episode. This week’s case was sad, harrowing and infuriating, but interesting. CPD has made it a point the last couple of episodes to show that not all cases have “happy endings”. What infuriated me was the random story they came up with […]

James Monroe Iglehart & Adam Jacobs, "Friend Like Me."

Theater Adventures – Aladdin, In Transit, and Newsies

Hey all, Adina back again with more adventures in Theatre! This month brought me to In Transit and Aladdin as well as seeing Newsies four times in the movie theaters, plus a theatre-adjacent concert: Aaron Tveit. Aladdin had never been high on my list of shows to see, but it sounded fun. Then when the announcement […]

Photo from the episode "Fagin"

Chicago PD 4×21 Review: New Blood in the Intelligence Unit

A new character made her bow in intelligence this week, but is she really needed? Case Summary Jay and Erin, after having breakfast together, respond to a bank robbery. In the process of investigating potential future robberies with the (initially reluctant) help of Detective Hailey Upton from robbery-homicide, Intelligence stumbles on another robbery. Two of the offenders escape after […]

One Day at A Time

One Day at a Time: The Best Netflix Show You didn’t See

This review is coming incredibly late, but since this is, after all, Really Late Reviews, I figured I am just keeping in line with the site’s title. In previous reviews – particularly my Fuller House ones- I have discussed my skepticism with revivals. To me, that is Hollywood’s way of saying “we’re too lazy to […]

Photo from the episode "Grasping For Salvation"

Chicago PD 4×20 Review: An Excellent Voight-Centric Episode

The last major Voight-centric episode was in the early part of the season where he was dealing with the aftermath of his actions after Justin’s death. Luckily, Lindsay had his back then and yet again, she, as did the entire team, supported him well. The case begins when Richard Dowd, son of a prominent defense […]