(Photo Credit: The CW Network) Thea, AKA Speedy, preparing for a fight.

Welcome, Green Arrow! Arrow 4.1 Season Premiere Recap

I have to be honest, I wasn’t completely satisfied with how season three ended: Olicity driving off into the sunset to a new life. What? For real? Starling City is going to sh*t, and you’re leaving? GREAT JOB OLLY! Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely happy for him and Felicity! Those two deserve each […]

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The Scarlet Speedster is back! The Flash 2.1 Season Premiere Recap

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! Our Scarlet Speedster has returned! If you watched season one of The Flash, you know just how amazeballs it was. ALWAYS  a cliffhanger, twists and turns, love and loss, a fight for justice, and strong ambitions. But before we go into the review, let’s recap season one… […]


Gilmore Girls Turns 15! Relive the Pilot! Episode RECAP

On this day 15 years ago, Gilmore Girls, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, first graced our television sets. Taking place in fictional small town of Stars Hollow, CT, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) is a witty 32-year-old single mother raising her brilliant, 16-year-old daughter, who is also named Lorelai though she goes by Rory (Alexis Bledel). They […]

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“An American in Paris” – Broadway Show Review

So, this past week I had the amazing opportunity to venture to New York and live like a New Yorker for about 4 days. I had mentally created a bucket list for myself which included “Attend a Broadway Show,” but NEVER in my life did I think I’d get a chance to sit in a theater, […]

Nashville Can’t Let Go Juliette Barnes

Nashville “Can’t Let Go” Recap: Juliette’s Not So Picture Perfect Life

  What I loved about this episode is the main focus on Juliette and her “perfect” life. In the public eye, Juliette’s life is perfect. Her first movie is releasing, she’s just been signed to a new label, touring with Luke Wheeler, and has a wonderful baby and husband at home who support and love […]

MTV Awkward Now You See Me, Now I Don’t Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. Double Recap: Yearbooks and a Fake Engagement Party

  Episode: “Now You See Me, Now I Don’t” The yearbooks are out and Jenna is devastated she was selected “Most Depressing” when she was hoping for “Most Improved” and I don’t blame her. When the show first started, the entire school labeled her as the suicide girl over a simple accident that was mistaken […]

mr. robot on usa network

Things We Love – September Edition

Things We Love is a place for the contributors of Really Late Reviews to let you know what we’ve been enjoying in pop culture this month. From hot vigilante hackers on the USA Network to smart history podcasts to female country duos, Things We Love is a way to discover some new gems and re-discover some old favorites.

treehouse the wonder years

The Wonder Years: The Treehouse

  In my last review, I mentioned that I much prefer episodes involving Kevin’s family rather than Kevin-Winnie drama. My wish was granted as this episode involved Kevin bonding with his dad. I always like these bonding episodes because I find the awkward moments between Kevin and his dad to be slightly comical but also […]


Careful What You Wish For…or Not: The Mindy Project Season 4 Premiere Recap and Review

Photo Courtesy of Hulu The season 4 premiere of the Mindy Project showed Mindy what her life would have been like if Danny hadn’t kissed her on that airplane. In the meantime, Danny is in India, ready to confess his intentions to Mindy’s parents. I, for one, was very excited to meet Mindy’s parents. They […]