Teen Wolf Required Reading Lydia Martin

Teen Wolf “Required Reading” Recap: Crazy Flashbacks and Puppy Love

Because Malia had some sort of flashback regarding her birth mother after reading The Dread Doctors book in last week’s episode, Scott decides he and his pack, with the exception of Liam, should read the book to see if they get any flashbacks from reading it. Guess what? They all did except for Kira. Like Malia, […]

(Photo Credit: Dreamworks Pictures) Southpaw Movie Poster - Believe in Hope

“Southpaw” Movie Review – “Believe in Hope”

Southpaw Release Date: July 24th, 2015 (USA) Director: Antoine Fuqua Producers: Antoine Fuqua, Steve Tisch, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Alan Riche, and Peter Riche Executive Producers: Kurt Sutter, David Ranes, Dylan Sellers, Ezra Swerdlow, David L. Schiff Genre: Drama film/Thriller Rated: R Running Time: 2 hr 3 min   Cast Billy Hope … Jake Gyllenhaal Maureen Hope […]

Teen Wolf A Novel Approach Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf “A Novel Approach” Recap: Stiles’ Guilt

Dylan O’Brien is well known for playing Thomas from the Mazer Runner movies. A few may remember him guest starring on New Girl and others may have seen him starring in The First Time, a small movie he did with his real life girlfriend, Britt Robertson, and The Internship as Stuart. However, his career started […]

Aden Young and John Boyd West in Rectify Season 3

Rectify, “Hoorah” and “Thrill Ride” Reviews

Current summer television has diverse offerings from every genre of programming, and one of the best is nestled on a small cable channel, little-seen but well-loved. “Rectify” is this show, a character study on a small town shaken by a murder and all the people affected by it. Like this:Like Loading…

Teen Wolf Condition Terminal The Dread Doctors

Teen Wolf “Condition Terminal” Recap: The Dread Doctors Are In

This season I’ve wanted some answers; slowly and surely we’re getting them after each episode. Although we already knew about the doctors, the show officially gives them a title, The Dread Doctors. We also find out what they’re doing every time they select their next victim. These new and out of control monsters are a […]

Teen Wolf Dreamcatchers Tracy Stewart

Teen Wolf “Dreamcatchers” Recap: Kan-WHAT?!

Recap After last week’s episode where The Dread Doctors injected Tracy Stewart (played by Kelsey Asbille) with an unknown liquid, questions were asked. What was it? What does it do? What will she be capable of? We knew she was a supernatural creature of some sort with the glowing eyes and fangs, but in Teen […]

Teen Wolf Parasomnia Theo Raeken

Teen Wolf “Parasomnia” Recap: Should we trust Theo Raeken?

The news of Cody Christian (Pretty Little Liars) joining the cast of Teen Wolf as Theo Raeken raised some questions for the fans. The fans were given very little information about his character such as he used to be friends with Scott and Stiles in fourth grade and he also happens to be a beta. […]

Teen Wolf Creatures of the Night Lydia Martin

Teen Wolf “Creatures of the Night” Recap: What does the future hold for the pack??

Teen Wolf is back and the first episode has me breathing in a brown paper bag. We all know this season is going to focus on the pack’s senior year, the troubles it might cause, plus dealing with the dread doctors who are this season’s villain, and slowly learning what Parrish might be. So I’m not going to […]

mr darcy elizabeth

Jane Austen is why I will now re-read books

  I don’t usually like to re-read books. The only exception is To Kill a Mockingbird. I have re-read that book multiple times since my first read around ten. The story appeals to me so much that I want to always immerse myself into the plot and into Scout’s mind. Aside from this book, my […]

Garrison Keillor Ravinia

The joy of seeing “A Prairie Home Companion”

Change is inevitable as you grow up, but the one thing that stayed the same for me was Garrison Keillor. His radio variety show, “A Prairie Home Companion” was always a part of my childhood no matter what city I lived or how old I was. My parents loved the show, so on weekends, we […]