Riverdale 2×12 and 2×13 Recap

Riverdale’s “Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and The Divine” episode takes place during Veronica’s confirmation ceremony. For those of you who don’t know, a confirmation is basically a coming of age ceremony where an individual renounces Satan. This whole episode may be a little ironic since the Lodges aren’t in the holiest business, but Veronica’s father […]

this is us - 2x15 - still

This Is Us 2×15: “The Car” – The Family Wagoneer

If you thought the This Is Us writers would ease up on the emotional episodes after Sunday’s gut-wrenching episode that revealed Jack’s death, think again. So, grab your tissues and prepare to sob over a car. Yes, you read that right, a car. A Wagoneer to be exact. This week’s episode takes us down memory […]

this is us - 2x14 - still

This Is Us 2×14 “Super Bowl Sunday” – 20th Anniversary

Grab your tissues, folks, because you’ll be sobbing within the first two minutes of the latest This Is Us episode. Yup. The time has come. Jack Pearson’s cause of death is finally revealed, and it’s gut-wrenching. It might also make you a bit angry. In the present, it’s the 20-year anniversary of Jack’s death, and […]

this is us - 2x13 - still

This Is Us 2×13 Recap: “That’ll Be The Day” – The Last Pearson Family Super Bowl

We’ve all been waiting on the reveal of Jack’s death for a season and a half now. Although, I’m positive none of us are actually ready for the gut-wrenching episode. While this episode of doesn’t haunt us with the details, it is the day/night of the fire that presumably kills Jack. “That’ll Be The Day” […]

Riverdale 2×11 “Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler” Recap

It’s almost Pickens Day in Riverdale and everyone has plans. Cheryl’s doing her annual attempt to get the day renamed for her great-great-great-grandpappy, Colonel Barnabas B. Blossom. Meanwhile, the Lodge family want to make Pickens Day a celebration to distract from the closing of Southside High. The Lodges, Fred Andrews, and Sheriff Keller are all […]

Riverdale 2×10 “Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle” Recap

Here’s a quick recap of everything that happened on Riverdale before the winter break: Mayor McCoy put her foot down on the Southside because Josie got some Jingle Jangle. The janitor was caught as the Black Hood. Bughead broke up… for now. Nick St. Claire was in an “accident” for getting handsy with Veronica. Cheryl […]

this is us - 2x12 still

This Is Us 2×12 “Clooney” Recap

We got lucky, y’all! This week’s episode of This Is Us isn’t as emotional as the previous ones have been. In fact, I didn’t ugly cry once. However, I did tear up with one scene, but it wasn’t too bad. In the flashback portion of the episode, it’s time for the teens to get winter […]

this is us - 2x11 still

This Is Us “The Fifth Wheel” Recap: Family Therapy

The mid-season finale of This Is Us left Kevin getting arrested, Kate having suffered a miscarriage, and Deja saying goodbye. The mid-season premier picks up a month later. Kevin’s been in court-mandated rehab, and it’s time for family day, or in The Pearson’s case – family therapy day. Fun! So, the whole family, minus Randall […]

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13 Reasons Why: Season 1 Review – Why It’s Important

I purposely put off watching the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, for a few reasons. One, I didn’t have time. Two, I was nervous because of what I had seen others say about it. Finally, I knew I was going to be reviewing it, and I didn’t want everyone else’s mixed opinions influencing my own. […]

a beautiful funeral

Jamie McGuire’s “A Beautiful Funeral” Book Review

“From the moment you become aware of a secret, the inevitable question arises: what price will you pay to keep it?” – A Beautiful Funeral In case you didn’t know, I’ve reviewed Jamie McGuire’s “Maddox Brothers Series” over the last few years. You can check those out here. Well, I’m finally back with a review […]