Teen Wolf Amplification Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf’s “Amplification”: Stiles’ Best Moments

Teen Wolf has always been an intense show and with the Dread Doctors, Theo and his chimera pack, and Lydia in Eichen House, things on the show are getting very intense. During last night’s episode, the pack plans to break Lydia out of  Eichen House before she dies and kills those around her. It’s not an […]


Gilmore Girls Revival Announced! UPDATED!!

NOW UPDATED!!! **Re-post after Technical Glitch WE ARE GETTING THOSE LAST FOUR WORDS OF GILMORE GIRLS, PEOPLE!   UPDATE: On January 29 2016, Netflix officially announced the Gilmore Girls Revival! Returning cast members include of Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson, Keiko Agena, Sean Gunn, and many other original series members! All four […]

Teen Wolf Codominance Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf ‘Codominance’ Recap: Rebuilding Friendships

Last night, I live tweeted the show and it was so much fun! However, I’m now ready to use more than 140 characters and elaborate about what I love about the episode, ‘Codominace’. As we all know, the McCall pack aren’t exactly together at the moment. They’re all separated and doing their own thing. Theo broke […]

apple netflix

What were Netflix and Apple thinking?

  A few months ago, I wrote a piece on the tv trends I didn’t understand. I realized that beyond these trends, I also don’t get some of the decisions made by streaming providers (Netflix/Appple/Amazon/Hulu) and traditional tv networks (CBS, PBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc) in in how they bring movie/tv content to consumers. As […]

Teen Wolf Damnatio Memoriae

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Le Bete Returns?!

Stiles: Damnatio Memoriae. It means the condemnation of memory. I think it also means that whatever the Dread Doctors created, whatever this last chimera is, it’s not something new. It’s something old. Really old. Scott: So they didn’t create a new creature. Stiles: They resurrected one. La Bete is back, y’all, and we should all […]

Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW

Gilmore Girls: The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton Recap

In case, you’ve been living under a rock, a Gilmore Girls revival series is heading to Netflix. My heart is so happy, but that also means that I need to get cracking on these episode recaps. (Can someone add an extra special Gilmore Girls hour for me everyday?) Episode two of Gilmore Girls, focused primarily on […]

Awkward. Prank Amateurs Matty McKibben

Awkward. “Prank Amateurs” Recap: Awkward is back!

Awkward. is back and it came back in it’s total Awkward. fashion way, creating and executing the perfect senior prank. Matty (who is Prank Captain) is in charge of performing and accomplishing the perfect senior prank that’ll go down in school history. The first prank is streaking butt naked during school hours in the middle […]

Teen Wolf The Last Chimera Stiles Stiliski

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: The Last Chimera

The show picked up right where it left off, the school sign was in the middle of the school hallway, the library was completely destroyed, and Scott was left without a pack, all thanks to Theo Raeken and The Dread Doctors. Sheriff Stiliski was being rushed into surgery, Scott was trying to heal, and Lydia […]

MTV Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf: Favorite Fan Made Videos

With Teen Wolf returning on tomorrow night, I wanted to do something fun and different. Fans often use their free time to create gifs, write fan fiction, draw and paint artwork, and create videos. It takes a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work to create something awesome and amazing. As a Teen Wolf fan […]

Teen Wolf Liam Dunbar Status Asthmaticus

Teen Wolf Mid-Season Finale: Status Asthmaticus

As predicted in last week’s recap, Liam fought against Scott to save his new girlfriend, Hayden. Hayden was slowing dying and Scott refused to give her the bite because she was already too weak and had too much mercury in her system to survive the bite. I’m glad Scott didn’t give Hayden the bite because […]