The Vampire Diaries The World Has Turned and Left Me Here Alaric Saltzman Jo

The Vampire Diaries Recap: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

It’s Halloween week and The Vampire Diaries had an excellent plot fitting the holiday spirit. New vampire Ivy is on the loose and hungry, Tyler serves into Whitmore College annual Corn Maze, and Damon returns home without Bonnie and Kai.                 (GIF Credit: Kai isn’t the key […]

Elizabeth secretary

Madam Secretary: Just Another Normal Day

Although Madam Secretary still grapples with making the political storylines more gripping, I am beginning to appreciate the show for its strengths more.  What the show does well at is depicting a relatable, admirable woman in power.   Elizabeth is firm with others when trying to accomplish her goals but always does so in a diplomatic […]


Constantine, “Pilot” Review

Oh, DC Comics.  Sometimes, you really do know how to knock it out of the park.  Constantine is based on Hellblazer (spun out of DC’s Vertigo line of comics) and DC’s new 52 comic Constantine. It follows the adventures of John Constantine, a British exorcist who fights demons.  John is not a nice man. He […]

Awkward The New Sex Deal Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. “The New Sex Deal” Recap: Heartbreak Hotel

It’s Halloween week. Everyone is working on their costumes before Friday, stocking up on candy or if you’re anything like me, eating candy corn like there’s no tomorrow. Except, things are a little bit different on Awkward this week. It’s Valentine’s Day in Palos Hills and what’s Valentine’s Day without some heartbreak? No one is […]

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire 3×05- Ruzey, Eskimo brothers & #AngryCasey

Oh man, I can’t wait to see Gabby get stuck on that wa- oh, I blinked, and now the scene is over. She’s not on the wall anymore. Another week, another misleading preview where what looks like it will take half the episode takes fifteen seconds. Unlike last week, however, this week’s Chicago Fire was […]

The Vampire Diaries Black Hole Sun Jeremy Gilbert Sarah Salvatore

TVD “Black Hole Sun” Recap: Welcome to the family Sarah Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries is known for doing great flashbacks episodes, as they always explain the things that are going on and we don’t fully understand just yet. In this episode, we finally learn what happened back in 1994 and my prediction in last week’s recap post was slightly right. I was thinking Sarah, Jeremy’s little […]