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HTGAWM 4×02 Recap: I’m Not Her

Episode two of season four of How to Get Away with Murder was titled “I’m Not Her,” but I’m going to call it “Annalise Gets Her Groove Back.” We’ve had time from the season premier to accept that Annalise, the Keating Four, and Bonnie have broken up. It’s only a matter of time before the […]

DWTS Week 5: It’s DISNEY NIGHT Recap!

It’s Disney Night! Usually in the Spring, Disney Night brings the magic and seven dwarfs that look just like Maks to the ballroom. Dances this week were inspired by our Disney favorites from Steamboat Willie to the upcoming Coco. Let’s recap some of the best moments of the night below. Best Dance of the Night […]

DWTS Week 4: Most Memorable Year!

Most memorable year week is usually the most emotional night of the season and this year was no different. This week also happened to be the week for many stars to perform some of their best dances, including the first 10s of the season! Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the bests of the […]

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This Is Us 2×03 “Déjà Vu” Recap – The Past Reflects the Present

As much as we like to believe the past doesn’t matter or that we should just let it go, that’s just not always true or the easiest thing to do. What happens in our past is what shapes us into the people we become. Some events we can grow from. Other events we can’t even […]

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This Is Us 2×02: “A Manny-Splendored Thing” Recap

In a surprising turn of events, I didn’t cry like a baby during this week’s episode of “This Is Us.” That’s not to say it wasn’t emotional, because let’s be honest, every episode is emotional. “A Manny-Splendored Thing” just wasn’t tear-inducing emotional. Which is kind of weird since it was a family gathering of sorts, […]

DWTS Week 3: Guilty Pleasures Recap

Dancing with the Stars week 3 theme was Guilty Pleasures although, I’m not sure what definition of “guilty pleasure” the stars were using, in my opinion. Additonally, John Cena was in the ballroom supporting fiance, Nikki Bella, and Artem (Nikki’s pro partner) couldn’t look more like the awkward third wheel as the couple resembled heart […]

JIMMY’S BACK – You’re the Worst: 04×03 recap

Gretchen is finally getting angry and I for one am thrilled about it. Over the first two episodes of this season we watched her become manic and unhinged following her separation from Jimmy – after he proposed and then abandoned her on that mountain. But now, we finally get to see some rage from her. […]

How to Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Premier Review

If the show wasn’t called How to Get Away with Murder, it would be called, “The ungrateful Keating 5 and the woman who has done nothing but try to protect them.” Excuse me, its Keating 4 now. I’m still having a hard time accepting Wes Gibbins unnecessary death. On the season 4 premier of How […]